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Reviews of cosmetic products, including skincare, make-up etc, is a large part of Beauty Isles. Of course, these reviews are based on my own experiences with my own skin type’s reaction to a product. Therefore, I thought it might be useful to provide readers with a breakdown of my “skin stats” to give you guys a better perspective on where I am coming from when I write about a product.

Skin History:

Developed acne as pre-teen, which steadily became worse into my mid-teens. At that time, used alot of “acne’-fighting” products, think “Clearasil”, “Clean & Clear”, “Oxy” etc. I kind of over did it. I think there was a retinol prescription in there somewhere but I gave it up after 6 months due to the redness and flaking skin. In college, I was an avid user of “Benefits Boo Boo Zap” and tended to smear the stuff all over my face (didn’t understand the meaning of “spot-treatment”). I also dabbled into “Pro-Activ” for a year or so. By my early twenties, I started to realise that the redness I was experiencing was not always the acne, but in fact, slight rosacea as well. This runs in my family. I made the connection one day when observing my mother and all of my aunts and their red faces. So the combination of harsh acne products and the rosacea did not do good things for my skin. Into my late twenties I started to streamline the products that I used to care for my face. I focused on a combination of “regular” and salicylic acid based cleansers, the occasional benzoyl peroxide based spot treatment, and intermittent exfoliation. I have been wearing make-up since my teenage years (mostly Covergirl powder, heavy concealers for the acne and lots of black eyeliner), but it was only about ten years ago that I started really thinking of balancing my whole face, and about five or six years since I have been “really into” make-up as a form of self-expression. Wearing more make-up also meant I had to really ensure that I care for my skin. Two years ago I purchased a Clarisonic which I used a few times a week. I continue to experiment with skin care products simply because it interests me, and as of late, have incorporated more “anti-aging” products into my regimen. Though I am acne-prone, I am not afraid of using oils and heavier moisturisers especially when I am in a colder climate.

Skin Type:

Combination-Oily (t-zone, around nose), Slight Dehydration (especially cheeks). Skin tends to become more combination and less oily in colder climates, and dehydration worsens.

Skin Coloring:

Light/Medium with yellow undertones (mixed ethnicity)

Skin Characteristics:

Prone to redness (mild rosacea) and acne. Prone to scarring from breakouts and developing dark spots. Visible acne scars from past acne (as a teenager – though I would say that aren’t that bad, maybe a 5 on a scale of 1-10). Medium-sized pores.



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