Sep 17 2014

Canadian Beauty: Annabelle Lip Liner Review


Annabelle Lip Liner Review


Some thoughts on a very affordable Canadian Beauty Brand: Annabelle Cosmetics. The brand was first introduced to the market in 1967 by Montreal businessman, Morrie Cohen, before being acquired in 1999 by Groupe Marcelle Inc. The company defines itself as a “beauty destination for trendy colours, innovative and bold sophisticated technologies for every season”.

From what I’ve heard, Annabelle lip liners are fairly popular so I’d asked my mum to grab me one while she was in Canada. She got two: one from the Metallic line and the one from the Waterproof line. Both are pencil liners that need to be sharpened. On the website, the description of both liners are identical, save the brief reference to the different finishes. According to the Annabelle, these are a “must have tool when you need precision” featuring a “soft, smooth texture that slides over lips like silk and provides a natural finish with perfect definition”.


Annabelle Metallic Lip Liner in Sparkle


Annabelle Lip Liner Review Sparkle

Annabelle Lip Liner in Sparkle


The metallic liners are designed to “give another dimension to your lip colour”. However, I did not find the colour to be particularly metallic. Also, it is a very dry formula, which can be a good and bad thing. It’s “bad” because it takes some serious work to get the pigment to actually transfer onto your lips, making application less than ideal. On the other hand because it is not creamy, once you get the colour on it tends to “cling” for the most part – which can be good. Sparkle is a very subtle, pinky-rose colour. It wore for about two hours before completely fading.

The Metallic Finish Lip Liners retail for $5.95 CAD.


Annabelle Waterproof Lip Liner in Boisenberry


Annabelle Lip Liner - Waterproof Boisenberry


The waterproof liners are designed to help you achieve “perfect lips for hours”. The difference between the metallic and waterproof formulas is like night and day.  While I found the formula of Sparkle to be dry and difficult to work with, the waterproof liner in Boisenberry was creamy, smooth and comfortable on the lips. Application was effortless. This really reminded me of a more expensive lip liner. Although not completely waterproof, it did wear well for about 4-5 hours (with eating). Boisenberry is a berry-burgundy colour that will pair well with many Fall/Autumn colours. Actually, the pigment is so good you could wear this alone with some clear gloss as I did the lip swatches and be good to go.

The Waterproof Lip Liners retail for $6.95 CAD.

In the lip swatches, both liners are worn over the entire lip area with a completely clear gloss on top. 


Annabelle Lip Liner Swatches

Sparkle (Left); Boisenberry (Right);

Sparkle (Left); Boisenberry (Right)

Sparkle (Left); Boisenberry (Right)


In my opinion, based only on the two colours tested, the waterproof liner is of better quality than the metallic liner. However, I know that there are those who prefer a drier formula when it comes to lip pencils so both formulas may be worth checking out. Overall, I think these liners are a great, affordable option for those of you who have convenient access to the brand.


What are some of the drugstore gems where you are from?


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  1. Never heard if this brand but it sounds great! I’m just really starting to get into lip liners too!

      • Kimmy on September 18, 2014 at 7:15 pm
      • Reply

      I usually not a huge lip liner girl myself, especially for everyday but when I have more time for my makeup, they do come in handy. What brands are you currently trying?

  2. haven’t tried this brand but it looks lovely.

      • Kimmy on September 18, 2014 at 7:14 pm
      • Reply

      I’ve been enjoying the burgundy liner in particular! 🙂

  3. The waterproof one looks amazing, it’s a gorgeous shade and looks so great on you! I am so bad with lip liners, I only use my MUFE invisible one as a smoothing base, but I have to say it works great! 😉 xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

      • Kimmy on September 19, 2014 at 4:13 pm
      • Reply

      Thanks sweetie. I am usually really bad myself when it comes to lip liners. I use the invisible one by No Bleeding Lips most of the time. But when I have a little more time for my makeup, I’ll reach for a liner. 🙂 When I run out of the No Bleeding Lips, I’ll definitely check out the one MUFE has to offer (though there are a few drugstore ones I want to try as well).

  4. Hey Kimmy! These shades look gorgeous on you. Quite the bargain aren’t they? 😉 I’m currently in love with my Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil in Pillowtalk! Makes the difference really! x

      • Kimmy on September 21, 2014 at 5:21 am
      • Reply

      Yes, they are really affordable. Oooh can’t wait to hear more about the CT lip pencil. I’ve been a busy bee this past week so I have a lot of blog catching up to do. :/

      1. I had a really busy week aswell.. trying to catch up on my favourite blogs atm! My latest post is about the CT lip pencil 😀 x

  5. Lip liners are a must have for me… these ones look really nice! 😀


      • Kimmy on September 22, 2014 at 3:14 pm
      • Reply

      Thanks hun! I definitely try to incorporate them as much as possible. 🙂

  6. I love reading other countries drugstore brands! It’s so interesting how diverse and different they are especially what is considered drugstore prices too! These look like gorgeous lip liners – boysenberry is a gorgeous Autumn shade! xx

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