Aug 29 2014

Canada – French Pharmacy Haul

Canada French Pharmacy Haul

I’m extremely excited to share with you guys some goodies that my awesome and lovely mum picked up for me on a recent trip to Canada. As she also visited several “French” pharmacies (in Quebec), I’ve dubbed this my Canada – French Pharmacy Haul.

I also want to take the time to thank Crystal of the Nerdy Librarian Girl and Sarah of Not Your Typical DollFace, two awesome Canadian beauties, for their recommendations.

Here’s what I got:

Canada French Pharmacy Haul

Bioderma Micellaire Cleansing Water – Can you believe I’ve never tried this? It was a must…even if it turns out to be a lot of hype, I had to try it for myself. And I doubt it is just hype because people I trust have recommended it. But of course, we all have different skin. Anyway, it’s not accessible in The Bahamas (as far as I know) and also difficult to get in the U.S. Although, they are sellers on the Amazon U.S. Site, as well as the Amazon Canada Site (which ships to The Bahamas and many other countries).

Quo Cotton Pads – These were recommended to me by Crystal, but I’m pretty sure the ones I got aren’t the ones she was talking about. She features them on her site as a dupe for the oh so heavenly Shisiedo Cotton but comparing her pictures to my package, I think my mum got the wrong ones. No matter. I’m still super excited to try them!

Yves Rocher Body Wash in Grapefruit – I remember using this brand all of the time when I was studying in France. I’ve already used the one featured here and can report back that the grapefruit smell is really refreshing and authentic. Great for those challenging mornings.  🙂

La Roche Posay Effaclar H – It was the Effaclar Duo that I was after because my skin has recently gone mad and I use to use the Duo regularly to help restore my skin back to “normal” when it was breaking out. You can get the Effaclar Duo in the U.S. but the ingredients are different from the European version (which I believe is the version sold in Canada). Basically, the U.S. version has benzoyl peroxide and the European one does not (there are also other differences in the ingredients). Anyway, the item I ended up with, the Effaclar H, is basically a moisturizer geared toward acne prone skin that is suffering from irritation due to the use of harsh acne fighting products. I’m almost even more excited that my mum picked this up instead of the a Duo because I’ve never tried it! 🙂 Again, I’ve never seen La Roche Posay in The Bahamas, but there are sellers on Amazon (U.S., Canada, and U.K.)

Canada French Pharmacy Haul

Lise Watier Eyeshadow Quad Les Bleus – Of course, a Canadian beauty haul wouldn’t be complete without some goodies from Lise Watier. I’m not going to say too much about this quad because I have a review and swatches along with eye looks coming up next week!

Lise Watier Bio Lift Eye Patches – This was not on my list but a lovely, lovely surprise. Super excited to review these and let you guys know what I think!

Crabtree and Eveyln Lip Butter Pomegranate & Grapeseed Oil and Lavender Hand Cream – This is not a Canadian or French brand but I included these items as part of the haul because she purchased them along with everything else while in Canada. Another surprise! I can already tell you that I love that Lavender hand cream! Haven’t tried the lip butter yet.


Canada French Pharmacy Haul


Yves Rocher Corrector/Concealer –  Yet another unexpected item. Mum, if you’re reading this, you’re the best! (And yes, I’m a grown woman, lol) 🙂 I’ve never tried Yves Rocher makeup and who doesn’t love concealer?

Annabelle Lip Liners – I’ve heard good things about these inexpensive lip liners and although I’m not usually a lip liner girl,  had to give them a try. Also, I’ve got to give it to my mum (who is not into makeup beyond some powder and lip balm) for picking out two great options, what appears to be a lovely rosy-pink neutral and a darker colour for Fall/Autumn! I hadn’t specified colours, just the brand. Will let you know my thoughts.

O.K. guys so that’s my Canada – French Pharmacy Haul. I hope you guys enjoyed and if any of your will be visiting Canada in the near future and looking to pick up some beauty goodies, maybe it will be useful. I’ll be reviewing several of the items hauled on this blog in the coming weeks.  If you have any other Canadian/French beauty recommendations let me know!





All products featured were purchased by the author or gifted to the author (in this case by the author’s lovely mother). All opinion’s are the author’s. Some affiliate links. For more information see Disclaimer here.





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  1. Kiss & Make-up

    Great haul! I’m happy to see La Roche Posay in there, that’s one of my favorite pharmacy brands 🙂

    1. Kimmy

      It really is such a great brand! I’m excited to try the moisturizer! Will report back. 🙂

  2. Gyudy (@Gyudy)

    I’m sure you’ll love the famous Bioderma micellar water 😉 And he whole Effaclar line is awesome! I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the other products! 😉 xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    1. Kimmy

      Will report back for sure. I don’t know if I’ll do a full review of the Bioderma just because there are soooo many reviews, but I’ll definitely mention how I feel about it at some point after I’ve tested it. 🙂

  3. Helen (AKA Lola)

    What a great haul, Kimmy! It looks like you will have lots of fun using all of these beauties!

    1. Kimmy

      Thanks, Helen. Excited to test these out! I actually am liking the Lise. Watier Quad which surprised me because it’s so blue! 🙂

  4. anoushkaloves

    What an exciting haul. There are so many brands there that I haven’t heard of so I’m looking forward to your reviews!


    1. Kimmy

      Thanks hun, working on it! 🙂

  5. hdotxo

    I’ve recently tried the Yves Rocher shower gels and they’re so lovely! The make up sounds really good though – might have to have another look on their website. Great post sweetie 🙂


    1. Kimmy

      Thanks hun. I’m excited for the concealer though I haven’t cracked it open yet. It’s so funny, I was using then Yves Rocher grapefruit shower gel and reading the back of it….one of the ingredients is orange oil from Florida! And I’m thinking, this is made in France, bought in Canada, both a ways away from me, but Florida is about a 30 minute flight. 🙂

  6. Silke Laura

    I love Yves Rocher myself (especially their make up wipes.. shh!) so the Bodywash sounds gorgeous 😀 I popped some Yves Rocher Samples into your card. I won’t tell you what exactly they are just yet, to keep it a little surprise 😀 Your mum sounds awesome buying you all these French Pharmacy goodies! x

    1. Kimmy

      I know, I’m a lucky girl. Almost as good as going to Canada myself! I’m so looking forward to my samples and still can’t get over how sweet you were to do that! So excited to try more from the brand. :-)! xx

  7. Laura/Pink Frenzy (@Pink_Frenzy)

    Lovely haul! Can’t wait to read your thoughts of the Yves Rocher products. xo’s

    1. Kimmy

      Thanks hun! Can’t wait to share. 🙂

  8. Grace

    I have to remember these brands for when I go to quebec in the future! 😉


    1. Kimmy

      I so wish I was able to go, maybe next time. My mum reported back nothing but great things…especially the food. 🙂

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