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Sep 19 2014

No Pressure – Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  A few weeks back I was nominated by my lovely friend and blogging buddy, Gyudy of Gyudy’s Notes of Beauty, for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Like other nominations/tags of this nature, the point is to share the love with bloggers you’ve connected with since starting your blogging journey. The idea of this …

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Aug 22 2014

Three Month Anniversary: My Experience & Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

  “Celebrating” My 3 Month Blogging Anniversary So, today, 22nd August, 2014, marks three months since I published the first post on my Blog. I decided from the beginning that I would write a “reflections post” at the 3 month mark to take stock of how I feel about blogging so far as well as …

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Aug 07 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

  Hey guys! Today is a bonus post to share some exciting news. I was nominated by lovely Italian beauty Gyudy of Notes of Beauty for a Liebster Award!     First I want to thank Gyudy for thinking of my little blog and nominating me for this award! I am truly touched and grateful. The Liebster Award …

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Jul 12 2014

Dr Bronner’s Review: Makeup Brush Cleaner

Dr Bronner's Makeup Brush Cleaner

  Hey guys. Just another Dr Bronner’s Review in relation to brush cleansing. I know there have been many, many reviews on this brand and I wasn’t going to add mine to the millions. But then I thought…this is one of those rare occasions you can actually buy a product in The Bahamas…my thoughts may actually be useful …

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May 22 2014

Welcome to Beauty Isles

  Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Beauty Isles. This being my first post, I first want to thank you for stopping by. I am a beauty junkie. Let’s just get that part over with and we can move on to better things – like more beauty products. I have been into skin care for …

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