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Jan 04 2015

What I Got for Christmas 2014 (Happy New Year!)

What I got for Christmas 2014

  Hello All! I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and a very, very Happy New Year. I’m back today with the first post of 2015! Woohoo! In true Blogger tradition, I’m sharing with you guys what I got for Christmas.  It was a good one and before I get into the haul, I …

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Dec 15 2014

Makeup Cleansing Ritual: Waters, Oils & Other Potions

cleansing ritual - cleansing waters, oils and other potions

    Cleansing is something I take very seriously. As someone who has battled with my fair share of skin conditions (and still do) developing a cleansing ritual is very important me. And the first step in that ritual is, of course, removing all of my makeup. For some time now, I’ve moved beyond one-step …

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Dec 11 2014

Holiday Eye Look: MAC Pigments Rose Gold & Glitter

  As promised in my Romantic Holiday Eye Look post, I’ve had a play around with the pigments I purchased a few weeks ago (Objects of Affection Holiday Collection MAC Pigments Rose Gold, Pink and Glitter set) and I’m ready to share the result. Unfortunately, the set is sold out in most places but the …

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Dec 04 2014

My Lip Combos of the Moment (Blogmas Day 4)

My Lip Combos of the Moment

  Today I’m featuring some of my favorite lip combos of the month. Most have a Fall/Autumn feel to them and even though we’re heading into Winter season, I think they are beautiful pairings that can be worn year round.    

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Nov 23 2014

MAC Objects of Affection Pigments: Pink, Rose & Glitter

MAC Objects of Affection Pigments Pink, Rose & Glitter 1

  UPDATE (8th December, 2014): The MAC Store, Downtown, Nassau, Bahamas is now carrying the Holiday Collections (Heirloom Collection/Objects of Affection). They’ve been in there for about a week, apologies for the delay in updating!   If there is one thing to check out from the 2014 MAC Holiday Collection, I humbly suggest the MAC …

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