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Apr 28 2015

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2015

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

  Although the U.K. and other places have already celebrated Mother’s Day, in The Bahamas we’ll celebrate that day on 10th May (same as the U.S.). Moms (and Dads) deserve to be celebrated everyday, but it’s nice that there is one day of the year which we set aside to make them feel special. And gifts …

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Jan 09 2015

2015 First Quarter Low Buy: Appreciating the Collection (and Other Updates)

Low Buy First Quarter 2015

  For the first quarter of 2015 (January – March), I’ve decided to adopt a “low buy” policy when it comes to beauty-related items. You’ve probably heard of no-buys where one restricts ones purchases to only essential items like running out of cotton pads or face wash. And Low Buys are probably just as common …

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Dec 24 2014

Christmas Baking with the Kids (Blogmas Day 24)

Christmas Baking - Finished Cookies

  First off, I don’t have kids (yet) – but I found myself in the kitchen with a 3 year old, 5 year old and some gingerbread this past weekend. Let’s rewind. A word to the wise – kids remember EVERYTHING. So a couple of weeks ago, I may have mentioned (in passing) to my …

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Nov 29 2014

Blogmas 2014 (or Blogging for 25 days in December)

Blogmas 2014 Beauty Isles

    The premise behind Blogmas or Vlogmas is to blog for the 25 days of Christmas. Now I, personally, celebrate Christmas as does my family. But usually, I like to refer to this time of year as “the holidays”. Has always been that way. Won’t get into detail but I think most of you …

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Nov 12 2014

One Lovely Blog: Random Facts and Other Lovely Blogs

One Lovely Blog Award

  A while back I was nominated by the always lovely and adorable Gyudy of Gyudy’s Notes of Beauty for the One Lovely Blog Award. The idea behind this award is to share a little bit about yourself and then nominate 15 or so blogs that you admire. If you want to know my thoughts …

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