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Mar 05 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Review & Demo

  As promised in my Battle of the Brows Introduction post, today I bring you one of the first reviews in my brow product mini-series: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. I figured I’d start with the least expensive of the five brow pencils I intend to review/demo and work my way up. The Anastasia Brow Definer is …

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Mar 10 2015

February Empties: Still Going Strong

  I’m back with another post featuring my always excessive beauty empties. This past month my collection was characterized by many almost empty bottles and containers. Just saying. As always, I’ll offer “mini reviews” of the products featured in February empties as well as indicate whether I’ll repurchase with a (Y) is “Yes”, (M) is “Maybe” …

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Feb 11 2015

FRIZZ: Living Proof Hair Products

  Curly hair + the tropical weather, means that frizz is a fact of my life. It’s become such a permanent fixture that I barely notice it anymore. It’s just sort of there: like the sun, like the sky. Every now and then, however, I decide to fight back and go on a hair product …

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Dec 07 2014

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Review (Blogmas Day 7)

  Recently I had the opportunity to try out some hair care products from Vidal Sassoon. While I use a mix of “drugstore” and “high-end” brands in my hair care routine (and every other routine for that matter), admittedly, I hadn’t used the brand Vidal Sassoon for a long while. The smell of the products …

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Sep 07 2014

Testing, testing 1, 2, 3…& 4 – Hair Mask Reviews (Drugstore)

  Today’s feature is some hair mask reviews. If you were with me way, way back at the beginning……just kidding, I haven’t been blogging that long. But I am referring to one of my earliest posts: Hibiscus for the Hair? Not Just a Fashion Statement, in which I recounted my hair saga and my attempts to remedy the …

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Jun 24 2014

Hibiscus for the Hair? Not just a fashion statement: Hibiscus Hair Oil Benefits

  Hello ladies and gents? Whatcha saying? Get ready for a long one…. My Hair (Brief Background) As you would have gathered by the title, today we are going to talk about hair, specifically hair concerns such as thinning, loss of volume, shine, fallout, etc. – not a topic I have discussed before but one that has …

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