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Sep 06 2015

Sephora Brow Thickener Review & Demo

Sephora Brow Thickener Review

  There’s been quite a bit of talk about brows on this Blog lately. Typically, I don’t have more than two or three brow-related products in my collection at any given time but I find myself with about six at the moment, including this latest addition: the Sephora Brow Thickener.  

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Jul 30 2015

Sephora Oil Infusion Color & Care Review & YSL Comparison

Sephora Oil Infusion Review

  When I spied the Sephora Oil Infusion Color & Care Lip Balms in the “What’s New” section of  the Sephora website several weeks ago, I knew I had to try one. The first thing that came to mind? The YSL Tint in Oils, of course. Despite owning only one, Pink About Me (which I …

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Apr 12 2015

My Mini Lipsticks and Mini Giveaway (CLOSED)

Mini Lipsticks and Giveaway

  I did a very dangerous thing. Curiosity got the best of me and on a particularly lazy afternoon, I decide to explore “my collection” (Ting will get that) of mini lipsticks gathering dust in my drawer. I don’t tend to use minis, particularly the ones I get free (as gifts with purchase) unless they …

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Mar 29 2015

Sephora Collection Solid Brush Cleaner Review

sephora collection solid brush cleaner review

  I purchased the Sephora Collection Solid Brush Cleaner on a whim and thought some of you might be interested in how it compares to the famous Beauty Blender Solid, which I’ve been using for several years. So, here’s my quick little review.    

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Dec 21 2014

A Look At Facial Oil: What’s in My Rotation

Facial Oils - Tarte, Algenist, Fresh and Sephora

  Apparently, with the exception of yesterday’s post, it’s skincare week here on Beauty Isles. Let’s talk about oils. Facial oils, that is. Although I’ve had a sordid skincare history, I continue to experiment simply because it interests me. A few years ago I began incorporating more “anti-aging” products into my regimen. Though acne-prone, I am …

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