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Nov 07 2014

October Beauty Empties Pt. 2 (The Motherload)

  I’ll skip the speech this month on how I always have so many beauty empties – the title speaks for itself. Let’s just get started! As always, a (Y) is “Yes” I will re-purchase, and (M) is “Maybe” and an (N) is “No”.   Makeup:     MAC Brush Cleanser (M): Honestly, I was …

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Nov 05 2014

October Empties Pt. 1 (Travel Edition)

  Welcome to October Empties Part One! I decided to split my empties into two posts this month. I traveled recently and managed to finish up several of the deluxe sample size products I keep in my travel bag. It was such a major accomplishment that I took pictures of them in the hotel before …

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Oct 07 2014

September Beauty Empties (2014)

  As I sat down to begin drafting my September Beauty Empties post, I had just finished reading Elle’s most recent empties (Elle Sees), in which she said it would possibly be her last empties. Anyway, she made note that empties posts don’t seem to get the same traction as other types of posts, i.e. …

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Sep 05 2014

August Beauty Empties (2014)

    I’m starting to think I must go through products way faster than most (see past empties for reference). When I compare my empties posts to others, I’m like – why do I have so many, lol. Partially, it’s because I include other products (like bath & body, my boyfriend’s products and miscellaneous), but …

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Aug 08 2014

July Beauty Empties (2014)

    In this month’s beauty empties we have the usual: makeup, skincare, body care and hair care. Let’s sift through the trash, shall we? My empty products and mini reviews! I will either place a (Y) for yes, (N) for no or (M) for maybe to indicate whether or not I will repurchase/purchase.   …

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Jul 08 2014

June Beauty Empties (2014)

  Hey guys, it’s beauty empties time again. This month I have tons as compared to last month. So, I’m skipping my usual wordiness. Let’s just get into it. Oh wait, I lied. There weren’t many products in the May Empties, so I didn’t think about it at the time. But as it seems there is much more this …

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