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Feb 12 2015

The Local: Eye Candy Bahamas

Eye Candy Bahamas Makeup

  It’s a Thursday Bonus Post! And for any locals lurking about, I’ve got some exciting news. A new makeup store: Eye Candy Bahamas is here! Woohoo! Well, it’s not completely new. As I recently learned, Eye Candy Makeup Co. has been around since 2007. From what I’ve gathered, the Bahamian-owned company began combining photography …

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Dec 13 2014

The Local: Daytime Outing at Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort Bahamas - Royal Towers Check In Area

  It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Local post. A couple of weeks ago we had an outing at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island (Bahamas) and I thought I’d share some pictures. Locals often go over there to dine and hang out. Although mega-resorts aren’t usually my thing, I have to admit …

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Nov 16 2014

Nassau Shopping – Downtown (The Local)

The Local Nassau Shopping (Downtown) - John Bull 2

  Another Local feature today: Nassau Shopping! I’ll be focusing on the downtown area.  So, if any you are interested in where I shop and what brands are available – or if you are perhaps thinking of visiting The Bahamas, stay tuned and hopefully this post is useful to you. 🙂

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Oct 08 2014

Nassau Straw Market (The Local)

Nassau Straw Market 2

  Some of you may recall, a few weeks back when I posted my Series Roundups, I talked about wanting to revive my neglected The Local Series with a view to including some more non-beauty features. After all, though I take it for granted, my home is a beautiful place – why not talk about …

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Sep 07 2014

Testing, testing 1, 2, 3…& 4 – Hair Mask Reviews (Drugstore)

Hair Mask Reviews - Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil

  Today’s feature is some hair mask reviews. If you were with me way, way back at the beginning……just kidding, I haven’t been blogging that long. But I am referring to one of my earliest posts: Hibiscus for the Hair? Not Just a Fashion Statement, in which I recounted my hair saga and my attempts to remedy the …

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Jul 02 2014

Pamper Yourself: 30% OFF Atlantis Mandara Spa (Paradise Island)

Atlantis Mandara Spa 30% off

  Hey Ladies and Gents, this is really quick post mostly for the benefit of my local Bahamian Beauties, but also for anyone who might be vacationing in The Bahamas right now or in the very near future who may happen upon this blog.  I was out to dinner the other night and spotted this:   …

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