Jun 01 2014

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel (Noir): Application and Review.


Le Volume de Chanel

Ah, Chanel’s Volume de Chanel. So beautiful. So coveted. Loved by beauty junkies and enthusiasts, this little number did a number on me. My obsession with getting my hands on it reached a state of frenzy after one of my favourite youtubers, Mrs. Lola Lynn, featured it in one of her weekly favourites videos (link)  back in November and in subsequent videos.  I encourage you to check it out (she gets into the mascara at about the ten minute mark). If that review doesn’t make you want to drop everything and run to the store, I’m not sure what will.

I totally planned on getting it immediately but then the holidays came around and gift-shopping consumed me.

Lucky me, my boyfriend included it in my Christmas gift. No doubt he was sick of me stalking the make-up counters at every department store I walked into, ogling it.

But that was nearly six months ago, you say – it must be nearing the end of its unfortunately short little life (damn mascara rules!).

Well no, not really. Such was my desire to savour every swipe of this mascara against my helplessly sparse lashes that I painstakingly waited, like a good little girl, until I had finished every last tube of open mascara. It took awhile – I didn’t open the damn thing for four months! But when I did, it was magnificent. The application below I think attests to that.


Without Mascara

Without Mascara

With Mascara (Two Coats)

With Mascara (Two Coats)


Without Mascara

Without Mascara

With Mascara (Two Coats)

With Mascara (Two Coats)
























Here’s a look at the wonderful wand, the rubber brush is populated with short, stubby bristles that envelop the lashes in a thick, black, shiny coat of loveliness that is so addicting that one can go overboard if not too careful (give me more!).


Le Volume de Chanel WandLe Volume de Chanel Wand 2


Here’s the thing – not everyone is going to like this one, and in fact, not everyone does. The number one complaint that I hear is that it “gives people two lashes”. In other words, it makes your individual lashes stick together and can result in a “spidery” lash effect. There is some truth to these complaints which is why I usually stick to two coats; I’ve done three but it does start to get into scary lash territory. Oh, and it’s technically not waterproof, so keep that in mind. I’ve only experienced it transferring to my upper lid once when I didn’t let it dry, applied while running out the door into 95 degree weather, sweating, lol.

What I love about this formula is not only the volume you get, but also the length. Not every mascara is for everybody, but this one’s definitely for me! Have you tried it, what are your thoughts?



  • Performance: Builds decent length, crazy volume and is the blackest of blacks.
  • Cost: High ($27.00 BSD/$30.00 USD) –Actually cheaper in The Bahamas, score!
  • Available Locally: Yes (John Bull)




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    • kpsays on February 22, 2015 at 8:42 pm
    • Reply

    Gaaaaahhhh! Yes, it is on my list now. That brush is my kind of brush. I don’t mind if my lashes clump together a bit, because it makes me look like I have more lashes. No overly cray-cray, but I don’t mind “second lashes” or a bit of clump.

      • Kimmy on February 24, 2015 at 3:09 pm
      • Reply

      Yay! I’m glad you could get a feel for it, despite these grainy photos. It’s a plastic bristle brush, as I mentioned in my other comment but it’s not too spiky 🙂

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