Aug 10 2014

Covergirl XL Gel Nail Review – Rotund Raspberry


A few days ago I posted about the new Covergirl Colorlicious Lip Glosses and my efforts to secure one for myself, along with the new “gel” polishes by stalking the ULTA sales associate. You can read more about that adventure and my thoughts on the gloss I picked up here. These new Covergirl products were release in July and will be permanent from my understanding. Now, on to the Covergirl XL Gel Nail review…

At first, I was drawn to the more bright, pastel and candy-like colours of the Covergirl XL Nail Gel polishes, which seemed perfect for Summer. However, in the end, I settled for one of the darkest of the bunch and the furthest from Summer, 850 Rotund Raspberry. To be honest honest, this is a very “dupe-able” colour, but I was more interested in the formula.  Also, I had Fall/Autumn on the brain even though it’s months away and, more practically, there is no such thing as seasons where I live. Nevertheless, I thought Rotund Raspberry would be “perfect for Fall”.

covergirl xl gel nail review - rotund raspberry

According to Covergirl, these new polishes help one achieve “a gel-like look without the salon hassle” with it’s “thick, plump polish formula”. One coat gives you “all of the reflective shine and intense color you crave for up to 7 days.”

covergirl xl gel nail rotund raspberry

I don’t know if I was able to capture it, but this formula is very thick. I’ve never used “real” gel polish before, but the Covergirl XL is the thickest “regular” nail formula I’ve ever encountered. In fact, I wasn’t quite prepared when applying and a few of my nails ended up with too thick of a coating as well as some minor bubbles on one of the nails (this was user error, however, not the formula).

You can definitely get away with one coat of this stuff, and if a second coat is desired, best results are achieved if that second layer is as thin as possible. Because of the thickness of the formula, you have to work really fast. I did use a basecoat to prevent staining of the nails, but I wanted to see how this formula would perform without interference so I did not apply a topcoat. It should also be noted that in “real life” this dries down darker than how it appears in the photo below. After a few days, it is definitely more burgundy in colour. This could possibly be avoided with less coats.


covergirl xl gel nail review

Day 1

O.K. so the major claim of this formula is a high, reflective shine and no chipping for up to 7 days. As  the photo below (hopefully) demonstrates, by the seventh day, this polish had not chipped though there was some wearing at the edge of the nail. However, while the initial finish is fairly “shiny”, that begins to fade after the third day and by the seventh day is almost completely gone.  You will also be able to see what I was saying about the polish appearing darker over time.


Covergirl XL Gel Polish

Day 7


My final verdict is that I would recommend the Covergirl XL Gel Nail formula to someone looking for long wear and great opacity. However, a topcoat might be desired not to prevent chipping but to extend the shine.

The new Covergirl XL Gel Nail polishes retail anywhere from $6.99 USD (ULTA, Target) to $8.99 USD (CVS). They can also be found on Amazon for $7.49 USD.





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    • elleseesyou on August 11, 2014 at 11:10 am
    • Reply

    love these and would recc them to anyone. i need that darker color!

    1. It’s still on my nails! lol. Probably ready to change….but it’s been over ten days. 🙂 Wish I’d picked up some of the brighter colours.

  1. Loved this review! (I am repeating myself in all the comments, it must be true! ;)) I have to say that I sometimes like when a nail polish is less shiny after a few days, weird I know! The lasting power of this one is really impressive! Love the colour, and love it a bit darker too 😉 xx

    1. Thanks hun! You’re gonna make me blush, again! 🙂 I’m so wishing I’d picked up another colour (not that I don’t have enough nail polish/lacquer). If they come over to where you are, I’d definitely recommend looking into them. BTW, still haven’t seen the L’oreal polish that you reviewed a few weeks ago but gonna keep my eyes open because that red colour was stunning! xxKimmy

  2. This colour is so gorgeous! I wish we had CoverGirl here haha.

    1. It’s pretty, huh? We actually don’t have much Covergirl here either, but easier access to the U.S. Market, I suppose. There are so many brands you guys have in the U.K. that I’m jealous of! 🙂 I was suppose to make a trip this year but doesn’t look like it will happen. So sad to miss out on Boots!

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