Jun 13 2014

Dior My Lady Blush – Coral Glowing Color Blush Palette (Cannage Edition)


The Stunning Dior My Lady Blush

This past April, Dior released two Cannage Editon Glowing Colour Blush Palettes, Dior My Lady Blush in 003 (Coral) and 002 (Pink),  which were limited and exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue (in the United States).

Dior Glowing Color Blush Palette My Lady 003 (Cannage Edition)
Dior My Lady Blush 003 (Cannage Edition)

(The shine factor of this silver compact made taking photos difficult, please forgive the quality.)


I thought my chance to pick these up had passed. About month ago, I saw youtuber Tarababyz feature both blushes in one of her videos.. If I recall correctly, at the time she’d mentioned that she’d first seen these internationally but couldn’t find them anywhere. Months later, however, she happened upon them while browsing Saks online. I believe they were originally released in Japan and some other countries in Asia and then came state side exclusively to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Admittedly, even though I thought the blushes were stunning, as there is no Saks in The Bahamas, I kinda forgot about them for a while. But when my trip to NYC came around, they came to mind again. I suppose I could have ordered online but for some reason I wanted to physically experience shopping for them, swatching them and all that jazz.

Saks describes these as a “burst of blush on her cheeks catches the light, proclaiming the radiance of her face. Signed and embossed, Diorblush Cannage Edition sculpts cheekbones with elegance. The sleek silver compact houses a harmony of pink or coral blush embossed with Dior’s iconic cannage pattern. Available in a feel-good pink harmony and a sunny coral shade”.

And so, I made my way to Fifth Avenue…..was it worth the trip? Abso-friggin-lutely! I picked up the Dior My Lady Blush in 003 (Coral) and words cannot convey how magnificent it is. Everything about it feels luxurious from the classic and clean weighted silver compact to the intricate design of the actually blush product. Just for clarification, the design is NOT an overlay and the different colours you see at the top extend through the layers of the blush (and they’d better at this price point, lol).

Dior My Lady Blush - 003 Coral

Dior Glowing Color Powder Blush Review My Lady 003 (Cannage Edition) - Close up


In deciding between the two, even though the cooler pink (002) was visually “prettier” in my opinion, the colour of the pinky-coral (003) won me over in the end. The touch of warmness to it makes is more wearable for a wider range of skin tones.  I kinda just want look at it. In fact, I had to psych myself up for about 30 minutes before I could stick my finger in it to swatch it.



Dior My Lady Blush Swatches - 003 Coral (Cannage Edition)

Dior My Lady Blush Swatches (003 Coral)


Is it worth the spend?

You will see from the swatches that it doesn’t appear to be the most pigmented of blushes. I’ve owned Dior blushes in the past and have always found that they do a better job on the cheeks then they do swatched and this proved to be true for this blush as well. I also find that because it is a more buildable formula it can be adjusted for different skin tones. FYI, for anyone placing a strong emphasis on pigment, I swatched both the pink and coral in store and the coral seemed more pigmented. However, this could just be because the testers have been sitting out for a while.

Dior My Lady Blush in Coral wore well for an 8 hour day. On my NC 25 skin tone, I applied with a stippling brush and it gave me a “been out in the sun”  kinda look hints of pink and coral. There is also a slight, slight sheen so this isn’t a completely matte blush.  Overall, I liked the look and the appearance of healthiness that it gave to my face.

At $60.00 USD, these blushes are pricy and when I was purchasing this one, I almost got the other as well but I couldn’t justify it to myself in that moment. Now, I am kind of regretting it. I mean, I could skip Starbucks for two weeks and that should do it right? I dunno, will mull over it a bit more.

For those of you who may have thought that this blush was gone for good, the associate at the Dior counter at Saks did tell me that they were as good as gone, but demand was so high that more were produced for the store. Good news for anyone in the New York area wanting to grab one or both of these. Even better news? As of this post, they are still available online (www.saksfifthavenue.com)!  Unfortunately, for my local beauties, I am sorry to report that currently no one is carrying Dior cosmetics in Nassau…and I am pretty sure this applies to The Bahamas as a whole. However, if this changes or if any of you know differently, I will definitely update this post (Bahamian beauties call up the local retailers and demand Dior! lol.)


  • Pigmentation: Good
  • Wear time: Good
  • Cost: High ($60.00 USD)
  • Availability: Limited (Saks Fifth Avenue in the U.S./Varies by country)


Have you been eyeing this blush as well? What are your thoughts? Is the Dior My Lady Blush worth the hunt and investment?




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  1. How stunnign is this blush, such gorgeosu packaging and texture to it. Not to mention that the shade is just beautiful x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Dang… soooo beautiful! Why didn’t I pick it up?!!! I have a feeling I’d like it even more than the 007 that I have!! ;(

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