Jul 20 2014

A Skincare Trio: Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters


A few weeks ago, any of you who follow me on instagram may have seen me post a picture of the Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters which I picked up during my trip to NYC. Having tested them out for about a month and a half now, I am ready to offer my humble thoughts. A word of caution, this will be a long post. I thought about splitting the review into three parts (as they are three boosters) but in the end decided on the one post, a one stop shop so to speak…on to the review…

Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters

According to the Dr Dennis Gross website “your skin changes daily” and “this trio of anhydrous (water-free) formulas allows you to customize your skincare routine to help ensure your skin gets what it needs for optimum health and beauty”. Each is formulated to address specific concerns. I liked the idea of that.

Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters

You can apply the serums/treatments directly to face, focusing on targeted areas, or as a “booster” by either mixing a few drops into your serum/moisturizer or with your makeup/foundation (I count these last two as one method, even though its marketed as two separate methods).  During the “testing” period, I employed both methods: applying these directly to my face after cleansing as well as mixing them in with other products. Before getting into the individual components, I wanted to note that all three of these treatments sink into the skin beautifully and are extremely light weight. You feel as if you’ve not put anything on.

All three bottles are fitted with dropper like applicators rather than a pump. This aspect combined with the bright, candied colours of the glass jars, make these feel a little like magical potions. But do they work magic is the question?


The Purifying Booster (Green Bottle):

Dr Dennis Gross Purifying Booster

The purifying booster claims to help “control excess oil and tighten pores for increased clarity”. The primary active ingredients are: willow bark, witch hazel and lactic acid which are meant to fight bacteria, clarify and exfoliate the skin.

I used this booster the most often, in the mornings after cleansing my skin and before my moisturizer/sunscreen. As you may be able to see in the photo below where the product is dripping down the side of my hand, it has a very watery consistency. It is the thinnest of the three treatments/serums. My preferred method of application with this one is directly onto the skin and because it is so water-like I found that the simplest way to make this work is to use the dropper to “drop” the product onto my face, titling my head back slightly. I use about 3-4 drops.

Dr Dennis Gross Purifying Booster

So did I notice it do anything? Although it has been over month, I am still on the fence when it comes to this particular booster. I think it does help slightly with controlling oil but I’ve not noticed anything significant in terms of pore tightening. Strangely enough, I do think that this has helped with my hormonal acne (the larger cysts I can get around my chin during a particular time of the month) but it has had no effect on the average, run of the mill, bacteria triggered pimple. It’s really quite odd. If anything, I find myself getting more “average” pimples but less cystic pimples. I guess I shouldn’t complain?


The Hydration Booster (Blue Bottle):

Dr Dennis Gross Hydration Booster

Sad story: I dropped this two nights ago. Thankfully, it fell into the bathroom sink rather than onto the floor and I didn’t loose the whole thing, but it still kinda sucked. Anyway, the Hydration Booster claims to help “infuse and seal deep moisture for firmer, softer, smoother-looking skin”. Ingredients include hyaluronic chronospheres, watermelon extract, centella asiatica and other antioxidants such the powerful quercetin caprylate, all meant to hydrate, prevent free radical damage and provide anti-aging and healing benefits.

I used this booster almost every evening since purchasing it. The consistency is thicker than the Purifying Booster but not as thick as the Radiance Booster, the texture is closer to what you would expect from a typical serum. Also, it has a slight blueish tint which I think is kinda of fun.

Dr Dennis Gross Hydration Booster

What did I notice? I find that the hydration booster does help combat the drying effects of some of the acne treatments that I use occasionally (such as benzoyl peroxide). It is not, however, a moisturizer in of itself, if you know what I mean. Don’t expect this to be like an oil or a super-charged night cream you can lather on your skin like butter. I find it works best mixed with your existing moisturizer or use as a “spot treatment” on dry areas of the skin (like the corners of your mouth or around your nose).

It is also worth noting, if you follow Beautypedia – Paula’s Choice, that this Booster received a “BEST” rating for is impressive cocktail of ingredients.

I really like this one!


The Radiance Booster (Orange Bottle):

Dr Dennis Gross Radiance Booster

The Radiance Booster claims to “transform dull skin into a more radiant, youthful-looking complexion”. The primary active ingredients are: linoleic acid, pyruvic acid, retinol and quercetin which are aimed toward improving skin tone and texture and brightening.

As you may be able to tell from the swatch below, this booster had the thickest consistency. In fact, it is quite difficult to get this product out of the dropper and I think it would be better served by a pump applicator.

Dr Dennis Gross Radiance Booste

I used this booster primarily as a mixer. A few mornings I used it on its own, but mostly I liked it for mixing with a light moisturizer to prep my face before makeup on a night out. Although I used this booster the least, I liked the subtle, healthy glow it gave my complexion and found that my foundation applied well over it. It will tone down the severity of a really matte base/foundation and make a satin foundation more dewy. No significant long term benefits were noted, though I only used it about a dozen times.



When it is all said and done, this set is a great value if you are interested in trying any of these treatments. Each one of these boosters retails individually for $68.00 USD for a full size (1 fl oz.). The set of three is $58.00 USD and each bottle is 0.5 fl oz or half of a full size. You are essentially getting them for under $20.00 USD a piece. So each bottle is costing you about one third of the price of a full size, even though they are a half size. Did I just confuse everyone? I hope not. I’m sure there was a better way to explain that.

My favorite is the hydration booster, while the purifying and radiance probably tie for second.  Over the past seven weeks, I’ve noticed some slight improvement in the texture in my skin.  Although I was using all three treatments, given what I know of the ingredients, I primarily credit the hydration booster for this difference.

This set and the individual boosters are available at Sephora and Dr Dennis Gross online. Finally, according to the company’s website these products are cruelty-free, vegan and free of parabens.

Have you guys tried these? What are some of your favorite serums and/or targeted treatments?




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  1. Hah I can’t believe you dropped the hydration one 😀 These look pretty interesting, especially the hydration one to combat my dry skin a little! Great review 🙂 x

    1. Thanks hun! I am so clumsy sometimes…if there is potential for something to be dropped, most likely, I will drop it. 🙂 Yeah the hydration one is pretty good I think. Too bad you can’t buy the small bottles by themselves for $20 bucks, that would be great because not everyone needs the other two.

  2. I’ve never heard about this brand before, maybe only the name but no more than that. This set looks awesome! With skincare is always tricky because it’s hard to know if something is working until you notice a dramatic result, but a kit like this can be undoubtedly useful to have on hand! Loved the detailed review 😉 xx

    1. Thanks hun, really appreciate your feedback. I was afraid it might be too long of a post. 🙂 Yes, skincare is so personal it’s difficult sometimes to make recommendations which is why I love when companies make smaller sizes to try. I also love when different people with different skin types review the same product so perhaps the reader gets the best perspective possibly short of trying it themselves. 🙂

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