May 03 2015

Skincare Sunday: Drunk Elephant Juju Bar Review


If you’ve never heard of the brand (I hadn’t either until very recently), Drunk Elephant is marketed as a safe, minimal, effective, and non-toxic skincare line built around the benefits of Marula Oil. The company was founded by Houston native Tiffany Masterson who was inspired by the notion that “less is more” and chose to develop the brand by sticking to a few, key high quality essentials. As such, the line currently consists of six products, though others are in development. I hauled the Drunk Elephant JuJu Bar a little over a month ago and have been testing it out ever since. Interested in my thoughts?


Drunk elephant Juju Bar Review


Some of you may have seen me mention on Twitter that I’ve been interested in exploring more “natural” and harsh-chemical free skincare products. I use the term “natural” loosely because I think it gets thrown around quite a bit. Natural doesn’t always mean good for you. When it comes to skincare, many “natural” ingredients can actually be highly irritating. That’s why I was so drawn to the story and philosophy behind Drunk Elephant.

The company clearly states that while they aim for their products to be as natural as possible, “it is far more important that the ingredients in them be effective and safe“. As such, their cleansers, serums and oils are formulated with soothing, low-hazard ingredients regardless of the ingredients natural or synthetic status. You can read more about the “black listed” ingredients here. Drunk Elephant products are fragrance-free and do not smell like anything other than what they are – nothing is added to mask the natural scent of the ingredients.

The Drunk Elephant JuJu Bar is an “ultra-mild, 3-in-1 bar that deeply cleanses, subtly exfoliates and heals”.  What also makes the Juju Bar different from other soaps is that it is formulated with a pH-level of 6.34 which the company says ensures sufficient cleansing without drying or stripping the skin of its protective barrier. I don’t know much about pH levels but I do know that on the pH scale 7.0, the centre of the scale, is considered neutral.


Drunk elephant Juju Bar Review
Drunk elephant Juju Bar Review


Drunk Elephant says that the Juju bar boasts “a wonderful creamy lather that dissolves unwanted oil, rinsing away pore-clogging surface debris and any impurities”. It promises to refine skin texture, brighten skin clarity and, over time, minimizes the look of pores.

Key ingredients include:

  • Heilmoor Clay –  Thermal mud that heals, tones and detoxifies the skin.
  • Virgin Marula Oil –  Hydrating oil that protects, heals and rejuvenates the skin. High in Antioxidants and Omegas 6 & 9.
  • Bamboo Powder – Tiny, smooth spheres that gently exfoliate away dead, dry skin.
  • Super Fruit Extract Blend – Acai (potent antioxidant known to neutralize free radicals) and Goji Berry (potent antioxidant rich in nutrients, known to slow the aging process down while conditioning, moisturizing and balancing the skin)

So after all of that information – what did I actually think of the JuJu bar? The simple answer is: I love it!

How I use it: After wetting my face and the bar, I apply it directly to my skin. As promised, it develops a decent lather and you can definitely feel the exfoliating action of the bamboo powder spheres which are like little grains embedded in the bar. Using luke warm water, the product washes away easily without leaving a trace of residue behind and my face is left feeling extremely fresh and clean but not tight or dry.


Drunk elephant Juju Bar Review


Drunk elephant Juju Bar Review


Over the past month, I’ve noticed increased clarity and lack of blackheads. I still suffer from some acne breakouts but this is normal for me. I’ve also noticed that my skin, generally speaking, is less oily. True to Drunk Elephants claims the bar is virtually scentless, there is the almost imperceptible aroma from what I’m guessing is the glycerine, Marula oil and Thermal Mud but that’s it.

I’ve truly fallen in love and based on my experience with the Drunk Elephant JuJu bar, I’m excited to try more from the brand. You can find their products on the company’s website and the products are now being carried at Sephora. Woohoo!


Drunk Elephant products are cruelty-free and the company is a supporter of the IEF (International Elephant Foundation).





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  1. This looks so interesting, don’t think I’ve ever seen a cleansing bar like this before. I wonder how well it would work for dry skin, since you said you’ve noticed your skin is less oily. I do like the sound of the fact that it reduces black heads x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Hmm…I’m not sure how it work with drier skin. It definitely doesn’t dry the skin out. My skin feels very supple after use. I’m guessing my skin is producing less oil because it’s actually more balanced and hydrated. 🙂

  2. I’ve been using something similar from Estée Lauder but I chucked it out right before the weekend. At first I really liked it but then storage became an issue and it just got so messy. I started wondering about how sanitary it actually was to keep a bar cleanser like that for so long…

    1. Storage can definitely be a challenge when it comes to bar products. I keep mine in a open top bamboo container in the shower. It is in an area that doesn’t get wet so this allows the bar to remain dry. I see myself using it up pretty soon though so it doesn’t have time to sit around too long and gather nastys. Plus I’ve heard that vegetable glycerine has antibacterial properties. 🙂

  3. A cleansing bar?! This sounds like such a unique product and the ingredients sound truly wonderful! The little elephant carving is such a lovely added touch too 🙂


    1. Yes, the elephant carving is the cutest! Love it. 🙂

  4. My gosh, this sounds amazing! Love the sound of the bamboo powder exfoliating my face! & I have to say the packaging for this is just too beautiful!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    1. Isn’t so quaint and adorable? I’m looking to try more from the brand soon!

  5. I love the concept of this brand! And this product sounds great, so interesting! 🙂 xx
    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    1. A love affair has definitely begun. And I’m almost out of the bar! So sad. 🙂

  6. I have been interested in trying this bar. I have oily/acne-prone skin, and am suffering from hormonal breakouts. I plan on swinging by Sephora today and checking it out. Have you ever used a konjac sponge with it? I’ve heard that it’s a great combination!

      • Kimmy on September 3, 2016 at 11:08 am
      • Reply

      No I’ve never used the konjac sponge with it but I’ve been interested in trying the sponge for ages! Let me know how it works out! xo

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