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Every now and again, it’s fun to take on a new project. We all have tons of ideas. My intention with this “Special Features” section is to feature some of these ideas in the form of beauty-related series and projects that I’ve decided to take on. I could have included these topics in the “Reviews” section but some things deserve and need more than one attention.

Series will include beauty topics that are broader as well as more local themes. I hope that the series in the special features section will be helpful to readers and the topics relevant and useful. Thank you for joining me!

Our current “Special Features” topics are:

Summer Essential SPF

Summer Essential SPF Sunscreen

    As we head into Summer, I thought it might be fun to test out some new SPF products with a focus on facial sunscreens. This also seemed like an appropriate installment in the “Special Features” category, given that I live in The Bahamas and the sun is a constant feature of our daily lives. …

Hot Weather Beauty

Hot Weather Beauty

  What’s the point of an entire section dedicated to hot weather beauty? It’s hot in The Bahamas. When you live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate, long-wear, sweat-proof and water resistance take on a whole new meaning. Although we don’t get as warm as some other places (I think Bangkok, Marrakesh, Las Vegas, among others, were ranked top …

The Local – Bahamas

  The Local is a page/section dedicated to the inventory of posts and features with specific relevancy to The Bahamas. This may include: beauty products and services that can be found in The Bahamas (i.e. when we get a release of something), beauty products and services that are unique to The Bahamas, as well as …

Travel Exclusives – Duty Free Cosmetics

    One of the added perks to duty free cosmetics shopping in The Bahamas is that we have access to a range of special travel collection items that you would normally find at duty free shops in the terminals of international airports. Many brands, i.e. Estée Lauder, YSL, L’oreal, design these collections exclusively for …

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