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What’s the point of an entire section dedicated to hot weather beauty? It’s hot in The Bahamas. When you live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate, long-wear, sweat-proof and water resistance take on a whole new meaning. Although we don’t get as warm as some other places (I think Bangkok, Marrakesh, Las Vegas, among others, were ranked top ten at some point), there is a fair bit of humidity and the Summer months can get pretty brutal. Remember people actually live and work here, lol. So we aren’t in this heat in our swimsuits and shorts, but rather in our work clothes most of the time.  Picture a black suit, button down shirt/blouse, trouser socks and heels/lace-tops in 90F/32 C with 70% humidity. Not a pretty picture. Ensuring that our make-up doesn’t run down our face is a daily struggle. Also, I sweat ALOT – I swear, I wasn’t made for this weather. Anyway, look out for best products, including tips and tricks, which have past the heat test.




Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum Review

Perricone No Foundation Foundation SerumI like this foundation. I definitely have to use a concealer but enjoy how well this holds up in the hot, humid climate that is my home. I would also venture to say that normal to drier skin beauties in the market for a higher end foundation, would really enjoy this.

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Stila Bronzing Beauty Balm

Stila Bronzing Beauty Balm SPF 30: An amazing mattifier! Hot Weather Approved! (in spades)l Best for: Oily/Combo Skin Types (or if you live somewhere like I do); Best for: Light, Medium to Deep Skin Tones with neutral, yellow or olive undertones (this may not work well for those with pink/red undertones); Cost: High ($38.00 USD for 1.3 fl oz.)

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Murad Oil Control MattifierMurad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15:  Hot Weather Approved; Works well underneath foundation (no piling); Best for: Oily-Combo Skin; Cost: High ($39.50 for 1.7 fl oz); Available Locally: No (Try or


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Kat Von D Setting Spray Review
Kat Von D Lock N Load Make-up Setting Spray: Hot Weather Approved; Cost: Moderate ($24.00 for 3.4 fl oz); Available Locally: No. (You can purchase this from


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Covergirl TruMagic Skin Perfector

Covergirl TruMagic Skin Perfector: Hot Weather Approved (in moderation); Cost: Affordable (Approximately $10.95 USD); Available Locally: Not at this time. (Can be purchased at or similar retailers.)

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Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Foundation. Hot Weather Rating: Excellent (Mattifying, Oil-Control, Sweat Resistant); Does not cause break-outs; Great Shade Selection (29 shades from very fair to deep); Affordable (Retail: $23.00 USD/BSD); Available locally: Yes! (The Cosmetic Boutique/John Bull). It is also available online at a number of retailers including, and

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