Jun 28 2014

Kat Von D Setting Spray  (Hot Weather Beauty Series)


Make-up Setting Sprays. Are they a gimmick or do they really work? I’ve used a few (Urban Decay All Nighter, Urban Decay De-Slick, MAC Fix plus) and more recently the Kat Von D Setting Spray (KAT VON D Lock ‘N Load Makeup Setting Mist).

Setting sprays are designed to preserve makeup on your face for long periods of time. Supposedly, they accomplish this by leaving a thin film over your face which, moderately, “seals in” you make-up. In some cases, these setting sprays contain a “time-released” hydration “technology” (which incidentally is also suppose to act as “climate control” in hot weather by drawing heat away from the skin) that allows your skin to remain hydrated for longer periods of time. This hydration is supposed to contribute to your makeup lasting longer because your skin doesn’t dry out thus causing your makeup to essentially flake off.

These days many brands offer a make-up setting spray. Some of the most popular include Urban Decay (All-Nighter, De-Slick, Chill), Skindinavia (which actually makes the UD sprays),Model in a Bottle, NYX, and E.L.F.

According to Sephora, Kat Von D’s “Lock n’ Load is a weightless mist that locks down your look for up to 16-hours, so makeup stays rockin’ all day and night long. Its Climate Balancing Ingredients help prevent makeup melt-downs when it’s hot and protects against dehydration and cracking in the cold. Ideal for all skin types, it won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or tight. It also works to prevent blush, eye shadow, or lip color from fading, sliding, caking, or becoming excessively shiny.”

Kat Von D Setting Spray Review

So does the spray live up to all of its claims? I would say, for the most part, yes!

First off, I think 16-hours is a bit of a stretch, for any make-up setting spray. That being said, I have not tested this for 16-hours.  My makeup is usually on for about 12-hours out of the day.  All other things being equal (moisturizer, primer, foundation), when I use this, I probably get an extra 3 to 4 hours of wear out of makeup and that’s pretty impressive. When I combine this with some of my other favourite hot weather products, the result is amazing – I could probably get away with 16-hours (BTW, in the comings weeks look out for post on my Hot Weather Beauty Powerhouses).

With respect to “climate balancing”, I do think it helps me a little when I start sweating or getting hot. It does not leave my skin feeling sticky or tight.  Does it help with shine control? Yes. Preventing blush, eye-shadow or lip-colour from fading? Yes to the blush and eye-shadow, the lip colour not so much (that’s really going to depend on the lip product you are using and I don’t think this spray makes a difference).

Final thoughts? This is a keeper in my book and definitely Hot Weather Approved. On its own, it will do well (if you are realistic). When combined with some other “helpers”, i.e. a mattifying foundation and/or primer, it can do wonders for those of us in hot/humid climates.

It does seem kind of expensive, but I use this almost every day (when I remember) since January and I haven’t finished the bottle yet.  Compared to the other setting sprays that I’ve tried (such as the Urban Decay which is slightly more expensive), I actually prefer the Kat Von D.


  • Hot Weather Approved
  • Cost: Moderate ($24.00 for 3.4 fl oz)
  • Available Locally: No. (You can purchase this from Sephora.com if you live in any of the countries to which Sephora ships. Otherwise, there are retailers on Amazon.com which sell this product. Unfortunately, Amazon.ca which ships to The Bahamas doesn’t carry this, but they do have Model In A Bottle which is also decent).



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  1. I love Setting sprays! I think they’re ideal for dry skinned gals like me. I currently use the Urban Decay Long lasting setting spray, and I take this with me during the day for a spritz when it gets hot/sweaty. This one looks pretty interesting aswell, first time I’ve heard of it!

    1. I really like this one, better than the Urban Decay, although I like that one as well. Which UD one do you use? I heard that the “Chill” one is better for dry skin? I’ve only tried All Nighter and De-Slick.

      1. Well I picked up the long lasting one cause I read that the slick and chill one didn’t actually made your make up last a lot longer, while the long lasting one does! But I would like to try out the chill one and see if it’s any good!

  2. huge fan of setting sprays over here! i can never find this one–glad it’s online!

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