Jul 14 2015

It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review: Airbrush Eyes


The It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA were released some time ago and although they were surrounded by much hype, I only ended up purchasing one brush at the time. Recently, however, I added two more of the eye brushes for the Airbrush Essentials Collection to my stash and thought I’d offer a little review on them.


It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review Airbrush Eyes


It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review Airbrush Eyes


The It Brushes for ULTA are divided into three collections, ranging from the Airbrush Essentials Collection (which is at the lowest price point), to the Live Beauty Fully Collection (middle price point) and, finally, the Velvet Luxe Collection (highest price point).

Of the Airbrush collection, ULTA & IT Cosmetics says: “From beginners to pros and everyone in between, these go-to beauty essentials feature all of your must-have brush head shapes for every product, look and need.” They are characterised by:

  • Airbrush finish, synthetic, cruelty-free, anti-microbial hair
  • Lightweight, durable, makeup bag friendly design
  • Rounded comfort handle makes it easy to grip

It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review Airbrush Eyes
It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review Airbrush Eyes


It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA – Airbrush Blending Crease Brush #105


My first purchase from the range, this brush is designed to “seamlessly fit in the crease of your eye for flawless, precise makeup application.” I’ve had it for a while now, so there is a bit of wear but the brush still performs well. It’s a very good, soft blending brush that’s very similar to some of my favourites from Sedona Lace. The bristles are dense enough to tackle darker crease colors while still flexible enough to make blending comfortable.

It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review Airbrush Eyes

The Airbrush Blending Crease Brush retails for $14.00 USD.


It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA – Airbrush Angled Liner Brush #122


You can never have enough angled liner brushes – brows anyone? Am I right? This stiff but flexible, flat angled brush is designed for creating precise lines, shape and definition and works well for that purpose. When using it with my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, it applies and distributes the product evenly and smoothly. Because the angled head is sufficiently thin, I also like this brush for applying gel eye liner.

It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review Airbrush Eyes

The Airbrush Angled Liner Brush retails for $12.00 USD.


It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA – Airbrush Precision Smudger Brush #124


This small firm smudger brush is designed for softening lines, smudging edges, and blending out color. I was a little disappointed because I think I may have gotten a dud. You may be able to tell from the close up photo, but just about in the middle of the brush head, there are a group of bristles that juts out. I don’t think that’s the way it’s meant to be especially if it is described as having a “contoured brush head offers the ultimate control when applying eye shadow.” It still works alright at smudging shadow (and applying shadow to the inner tear duct) but it’s not my favourite.

It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA Review Airbrush Eyes

The Airbrush Precision Smudger Brush retails for $12.00 USD.


All in all, I think It Cosmetics Brushes for ULTA collection are worth looking into. The prices of the Airbrush Essentials, in particular, aren’t bad and on par with affordable, lower mid-range brands such as Sedona Lace (which you all know is one of my favorites). Because they are synthetics, the bristles are soft and comfortable and they are pretty easy to care for as well.





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  1. They look pretty good!! (: Especially the angled liner brush. And the price is amazing
    Nati xx

    1. Agreed! The price is awesome!

  2. Very nice review! These brushes look amazing!! 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks, Katie. I do recommend them. Especially the blending crease brush. 🙂

    • Sara on July 15, 2015 at 10:19 am
    • Reply

    The design of the brushes and quality looks great! I’ve been on the hunt for some new brushes though!


    1. Which brands are you considering?

  3. Great post! I often have these brushes in my hand to buy, but I always end up putting them back cause of the price lol. If you bring that smudger brush back to Ulta and show them the bristles they might exchange it for you?

    1. I was that way for a while too. I actually almost put these back but in the end, I went for it. I would have considered exchanging if I’d notice earlier but there aren’t any ULTAs here, I purchased this when I was in the U.S. so exchanging is a little impractical, unfortunately. 🙂

  4. These look lovely, especially the crease brush. Shame the smudger brush came faulty, though. Can’t you return it? x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. I suppose I could but I haven’t actually made a trip to the U.S. in a little while (that’s where I purchased it, no ULTA here). I’ll see if it’s not been too long next time I go. 🙂

  5. I’ve never tried this brand as we don’t have it here in the UK but I quite like the silver handles & they sound like good quality too. Such a shame that the smudged brush is faulty though cuz I doubt it’s supposed to have those bristles like that in the middle, maybe you could bring it back? x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

    1. That’s how I feel about Zoeva, hehe. Yeah, I’m thinking I might consider returning it next time I travel…though it’s probably unlikely. It’s still usable though. 🙂 xo

    • Mia on July 15, 2015 at 3:01 pm
    • Reply

    Great post, I’ve never even heard of this brand before, but these brushes sound awesome! 🙂
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks, Mia! They are pretty good and I do enjoy using them. 🙂

  6. I hope you managed to return the faulty smudged brush, what a shame. However the rest of the brushes sound lovely.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I’m probably not going to end up returning it actually just because…well ULTA is a whole country away but it’s not a total loss because it still works alright. 🙂

  7. I have a couple of the blending crease brushes, and I really enjoy them. I think they also work well for blending concealer under the eyes.

    1. Ooh! I need to try them for concealer. Thanks for the tip, hun.

  8. These look like good brushes, especially the crease one! My favourites have to be Zoeva brushes 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I’m so jealous because I want to try Zoeva so badly, hehe.

  9. I haven’t tried any brushes from this brand (don’t think they are available in the UK). I love how they look – the silver looks great. You can never have too many eye brushes imo! What a pity you got a dud smudger – any way you can trim that down yourself?

    Brenda BusyBee | One Year Blogiversary Giveaway! Win an Urban Decay Naked Palette & MAC Lipstick of Your Choice!

    1. That’s a great idea, Brenda! I might try to trim it down myself – why didn’t I think of that? Lol. Thanks for the tip!

  10. Those brushes look very nice. I should pick them up I could use a decent set for my eyes. I have a really nice set for contouring from Sephora.

    1. I think for some nice eye brushes, the price is pretty decent. Not astronomical anyway. Ooh, which contouring set do you have from Sephora? Is it still available?

      1. I have the Flatter Yourself Contour Brush Set by Sephora. It is still available: http://www.sephora.com/flatter-yourself-contouring-brush-set-P384889?skuId=1564566

  11. Hey Kimmy! These brushes look perfect!! IT cosmetics is only available in Sydney Sephora at the moment, I hope they start selling them more widely here in Aus!! Xo

    1. I hope so too! It always sucks that we don’t have access to all brands, don’t ya think. 🙂

  12. I have heard so many amazing things about their brushes. I kind of regret not picking any up when I was in the US :/

    1. That’s too bad, maybe if you go back again? I, myself, have been keen to try Zoeva. 🙂

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