Oct 11 2016

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette Review | Holiday 2016


Let’s talk holidays! With it being October and all, I feel a little less obnoxious featuring Holiday 2016 beauty releases. When Sephora sent VIB Rouge’s the email about the Holiday First Access event (10th September), I tried to resist the temptation. Besides, I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend anyway. When I discovered that the products were also available online, however, all bets were off. I didn’t go crazy though – just ordered a couple things. One of which is the Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection Palette. Well, if you’ve seen Monday’s post (hint: giveaway) then you know I actually got two!


Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette


Sephora says: A limited-edition collection of four long-wearing, buildable, and versatile highlighting powders that provide a natural-looking, radiant glow. Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powders highlight the skin with pure light-reflecting pigments for a color-true, multidimensional, and luminous finish that complements all skintones. Its non-dusting texture allows for a buildable layer of shine—from a subtle highlight to a more intense level of luminosity.

This gorgeous limited edition holiday set contains all four Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator Powders in Addiction (gilded gold highlight), Devotion (cool highlight), Seduction (soft bronze highlight), and Indiscretion (warm rose gold highlight).


Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette Review


Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette


Before getting into meat of this review, can we just take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics? The Illuminators look like thick layers of rich, pillowy cream. My friend Stashy (Stash Matters) liken them to satin sheets. Very enticing to the eye. Although each pan is small, I didn’t have any problems getting to the product with my usual brushes…which includes a rather large fan brush. Also, sufficient space between the pans means you don’t have to worry about touching another shade with your brush.


Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette Review


Let’s take a look at the value. The Laura Mercier Fall In Love Face palette retails for $58.00 USD and each pan contains 0.11 oz of product for a total of 0.44 oz. Cost per ounce is $131.81. A regular full size Illuminator retails for $44.00 and contains 0.30 oz of product. Cost per ounce is $146.66. Admittedly not a huge difference, though there is value in the palette. Plus you get to try all four shades. By the way, before anyone asks or points this out, the Sephora website lists the regular Illuminators as containing 0.35 oz and the Laura Mercier website lists them as containing 0.20 oz. On the back of the compact itself, however, product is listed as 0.3 oz which is number I went with for the comparison.

Texture wise they feel quite smooth although there is an initial thin seal-like layer that made the powders feel a little dry to the touch. After the first swatch, however, this disappears. Laura Mercier designed her Illuminators to be “a buildable layer of shine” that gives a “natural-looking” glow. And this is exactly what they are. As promised, they applied to the skin very smoothly and I’m able to achieve a natural sheen with a light layer or blend and build up for more pigment and a “wet” look to the skin. In other words, you’re going to get a fantastic glow not a “see me from space” metallic. There is some fine glitter/shimmer in there but, in my experience, this does not translate to a glittery face.

Another thing that really impressed me about the formula is how nicely it melded into the skin without emphasizing texture. They’re not powdery and can be layered without looking cakey. Perhaps this is on account of the “non-dusting texture” that Laura Mercier refers to.

Onto the swatches (Clockwise):
Indiscretion – Warm Rose Gold

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette
Addiction – Gilded Gold

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Review Addiction Swatch
Seduction – Soft Bronze

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Review Seductio Swatch
Devotion – Cool Highlight

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Review Devotion Swatch

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette Swatches

From Left to Right: Indiscretion, Addiction, Seduction and Devotion.


If you don’t already own any, I think this is a great way to try all four shades from the collection. Yes, each one may not suit every skin tone. BUT, in my opinion, the Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face palette is still good value if you think you’ll use at least three. And even those that don’t work as a stand alone highlight can be used in other ways. For example, on my light to light/medium skin tone, I can use all but the bronze shade as a highlight. But it’s stunning on the eyes or paired with blushes to brighten and add sheen. Additionally, you can mix and match the shades to customized the color.

Finally, I want to talk about application. Usually I don’t like to read reviews on a product if I plan to review myself on the Blog. Something that’s easier to do with newer releases. (Obviously if it’s a product that has been around for a while, as a beauty enthusiast that can’t be helped). After I purchased the Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face palette, however, I did peek at a few of the Sephora comments when going back to add links. The mixed feedback really surprised me. Especially  from those that said they couldn’t pick up any product or that the Illuminators weren’t very pigmented. I’m not sure what to say about that as I’ve had no problems with either. Could it be a manufacturing issue? Maybe – but they are all made in Italy and I’ve never heard anything about inconsistencies there.

If it helps anyone I’ll list the brushes/tools I’ve used from what seems to grab least to most pigment: Real Techniques Stippling Brush (synthetic), Eco Tools Fan Brush (synthetic), Shany XL Fan Brush (natural/synthetic), and Beauty Blender (used slightly damp). Based on this, it would seem that natural/mixed haired brushes may work better than synthetic to pick up product.


Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette Review


Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. Quite glad that I held off on the Illuminators when they were first released because this palette is so much better for me. My need to try a little bit of everything is strong. Therefore, I enjoy the “tapas” concept – whether it comes to food or makeup. If you’re interested, the Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Palette retails for $58.00 USD and is exclusive to Sephora as a limited edition Holiday release.



Have you grabbed any of the Holiday releases? What do you have your eye on? Do you have any recommendations for me?





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  1. Laura Mercier never fail to deliver with their beautiful powder embossing! I feel like a couple of the shades may be slightly too dark/warm on my A/W skin, but it’s a palette I could see myself using a lot during summer, too!

    Alice / alicegracebeauty.com


  2. I really, really don’t need any more highlighters but this is seriously beautiful & very, very tempting! xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

  3. Devotion is my favourite of the 4. But I wouldn’t even want to TOUCH this palette – that texture is too pretty to use!
    I find that with these baked type products, it’s usually much better to use natural bristle brushes rather than synthetic.

  4. This is just so pretty I want it so much! I wish we had Sephora in the UK!

  5. This palette looks so beautiful! The embossing is so pretty!
    I’m not a massive fan of strong highlighters and prefer subtle radiance/luminosity 🙂
    So far I’ve only bought the new Hourglass palette from the Holidays releases but there’s still two months to go so anything can happen 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • sassypout on October 18, 2016 at 10:19 am
    • Reply

    highlighters are my soft spot (I love stronger and more subtile ones equally) and this palette is just perfect!

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