May 05 2015

Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Gloss – Nude Pink


My Sephora and Nordstrom haul featured some recently released goodies, including the new Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Glosses.  Inspired by the high vinyl finish of plexi glass makeup case, the plexi-glosses promise to “impart vivid color and stunning shine” with an innovative, non-sticky gloss formula that goes on smoothly. I’m not the biggest lip gloss fan but was interested in testing the formula, so I settled on single gloss in the shade Nude Pink (200). It’s definitely not one of the more interesting colours in the range but I’d been wanting a versatile neutral, barely there pink gloss that I could pair with a wide range of pink lipsticks.


makeup forever artist plexi gloss nude pink review swatches photos


makeup forever artist plexi gloss nude pink review swatches photos

The Plexi-Glosses are offered in both pearly (indicated with a “P” following the product number) and non-pearly finishes. I have to say that the colour selection is fantastic, offering 35 shades in everything from neutrals, pinks, corals, red and purples, and to more daring shades of blue and black.

The glosses feature a flat and wide sponge tip applicator described as an “exclusive, artist-designed superflex…lip-hugging shape that allows for precision and control with a super-loaded split-tip that has a unique contour to sweep on the ideal amount of lip lacquer”. In my opinion, the large, flexible flap does allow one to apply more of the product in a single swipe but its wideness can make it difficult to be precise. I could see it being especially problematic for those with smaller, thinner lips.

makeup forever artist plexi gloss nude pink review swatches photos
makeup forever artist plexi gloss nude pink review swatches photos

According to the company, the glosses contain “pigments that are packed with Plexi Color Technology to deliver up to five hours of color impact while 360-degree, reflective shine beads maximize shine”. Nude Pink is a pale, neutral toned pink with cream finish that is definitely more sheer than some of the darker shades in the range. However, it does deliver the promised glossy, highly reflective finish.


makeup forever artist plexi gloss nude pink review swatches photos

Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Gloss Nude Pink Swatch

Makeup Forever Plexi Gloss Nude Pink Lip Swatch

Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Gloss – Nude Pink


Though touted as non-sticky, the Plexi Glosses are actually very similar to MAC’s lip glasses. They are almost identical in texture. As such, there is a thickness and stickiness to them that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  If you prefer light-weight, balm-like glosses, for example, the plexi-glosses aren’t for you. Personally, I don’t mind thicker glosses on occasion as they offer longer wear. In the case of the Plexi-Gloss, I got about four hours. On its own, Nude Pink can tend to settle in fine lines but works much better over a lipstick.

Overall, I’m happy with my choice, but I not blown away with the formula. That being said, I may consider one of the darker shades at some point.  The Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Glosses are permanent and retail for $19.00 USD. You can find them on the company’s website or Sephora.


What’s your favorite lip gloss formula?





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    • Silke Laura on May 5, 2015 at 9:56 am
    • Reply

    Glosses are something I don’t tend to use much, especially when they’re sticky! I much more prefer the feel and look of a lipstick. I do like pigmented, vibrant glosses though! Shadewise, this Plexy gloss is right up my street. Formula wise? not so much I think!


    1. They’re definitely sticky, lol. Trust me, I don’t use glosses that much either which is why I only went for one to start. I was curious about the formula. It is a great shade to have in the collection – though those that don’t prefer this type for formula could probably find a similiar colour elsewhere. 🙂

  1. Great review! The gloss looks really pretty! Though I’m thinking you might like a darker shade too. My favorite glosses are the NYX Butter Glosses. Those are wonderful!! 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you, Katie, for your kind comment as always. I will definitely be thinking about a darker shade in the MUFE gloss. And I totally agree with you, the NYX Butter Glosses are definitely a great product! 🙂

  2. Hmm yeah I’d definitely worry about it settling into lines, it looks quite milky 🙁

    1. It is milky and creamy, as is typical of these sort of colors. Definitely works best over a lipstick. 🙂

  3. I’m not really a lip gloss wearer so I managed to resist these when I saw them, and I’m glad I did that if the formula is similar to Lip Glasses! The shade looks really nice though 🙂 xx
    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    1. Not too keen on lip glosses myself which is probably why I only have the one. There’s a burgundy red sparkly one that doesn’t look too bad either. Not all the shades seems to peform well it seems (from the other reviews I’ve seen).

  4. I like the look of lip glosses but I hate having my hair blow onto my lips and stick to them! So I definitely prefer non sticky lip glosses.

    Just letting you know that I host a Monday Makeup Madness linky each week on my blog, Fabulous and Fun Life. All beauty bloggers are most welcome to link up one beauty related post a week. I’d love you to join in 🙂

    1. I agree the hair blowing in the lip thing can be annoying. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about the Monday Makeup Madness link party, I’ll definitely check it out. 🙂

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