Feb 06 2016

Diorskin Forever Foundation (New), Forever & Ever Primer, & Backstage Blender


Recently, Dior has really captured me (as evident here and here). I also found myself quite attracted to the recently released Diorskin Forever Collection. So much so that I walked away with the new Forever Foundation, Forever and Ever Primer, as well as the Backstage Blender. Initially, I’d thought I would break up my review of these products into separate posts. But that would take forever (ha!). In the end, I decided to just talk about everything together including a synopsis of each, how I used them and what I thought. This is going to be a long post but if you’re interested in these products and want a detailed account of my experiences, it might be helpful..


New Diorskin Forever Foundation and Primer Review 2016


Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base

Dior says: The essential first step to a high-perfection complexion, the Forever and Ever Wear makeup base enhances foundation application and improves hold. Its fluid, non-oily texture blends seamlessly to ensure instant optimal correction of the complexion. Its holding polymer optimizes the foundation’s adherence and, with each application, the Poreless Effect skincare ingredient helps refine the skin’s texture.


New Diorskin Forever and Ever Primer Review

New Diorskin Forever and Ever Primer Review 2016

The Diorskin Forever primer has a thin, lotion-texture with no silicone feeling – which is actually what I prefer in a primer. In fact, in many ways, the Forever & Ever Wear primer reminds me of my holy grail Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. They feel similar, though I would say that the Dior has less slip and is ever so slightly tacky. This latter characteristic is probably a feature that helps the foundation you apply on top of it take “hold”. Other great features: it’s lightweight, smoothing, has high SPF, has not broken me out and really does extend the wear of my foundation. One drawback is that it does not really minimize pores in any significant way. To be fair, it doesn’t specifically claim to reduce the appearance of pores but the description does say “that  with each application, the Poreless Effect skincare ingredient helps refine the skin’s texture”.


Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup (Everlasting Wear, Pore-Refining Effect) Broad Spectrum 35


Dior says: Everlasting 16-hour perfection from morning to night. A luminous matte finish, flawless correction and exceptional comfort, in all conditions.  Day after day, the skin’s texture is refined by the new formula enriched with the Poreless Effect skincare essence. With its non-oily, melt-away texture, the ultra-fusional, sensory Diorskin Forever fluid foundation delivers perfectly even correction.


New Diorskin Forever Foundation Review 2016


After purchasing this foundation online and waiting for it to arrive, I read a review on Sephora where someone claimed that it was really orange. That scared me. The funny thing is, I’d opted for a different shade than what I was matched to in the Dior Star (which I reviewed here). In that case, the Dior associate color matched me to 23 Peach which I initially thought was way too dark. Basically with the 020 range (which is the second to lightest), there is a neutral option (020 Light Beige), an option for yellow undertones (021 Linen), a version for pink undertones (022 Cameo) and an option for peach/apricot undertones (023 Peach).  Anyway, while Peach looked too dark (and bit orange to be honest) it ended up blending in really well. This time around, because I’ve been much paler than I usually am, I opted for Linen.  It also looked somewhat dark and a little orange.

New Diorskin Forever Foundation Review 2016
New Diorskin Forever Foundation Review 2016

However, as was the case with Dior Star, once blended into the skin – it turned out to be fine.  I don’t know what strange magic this is but I’m not complaining. It didn’t oxidize or turn orange with wear either. The foundation has a very, very faint floral type smell. I’d describe the finish as a natural, soft matte – and the lasting power is amazing.  More on how it wore below (when I discuss the various application methods I tried).


New Diorskin Forever Foundation Review 2016


Dior Backstage Blender Fluid Foundation Sponge


Dior says: Egg-shaped with a beveled side, the fluid foundation sponge applicator has a high-density, soft-touch material that deposits just the right amount of product, allowing for precision application and perfectly even coverage.


New Dior Backstage Blender Review


The flat side is meant to be used to smooth and blend the foundation.

New Dior Backstage Blender Review

The rounded side is designed to build coverage and optimize correction using localized dabbing motions.


New Dior Backstage Blender Review


And the precision tip is designed for hard-to-reach areas.


New Dior Backstage Blender Review


I’m not sure why this new Backstage Blender is white and the original is black? Clue us in if you know. Anyway, if you’re thinking this product may be similar to the Beauty Blender – let me say, right off the bat, that it is not. Nor is it intended to be. Dior describes the sponge as “high density” and it very much is. When you squeeze a Beauty Blender with your fingers, its bouncy and airy. When you squeeze the Backstage Blender, on the other hand, there is almost no give. It feels more like the traditional sponges you get in a high-end compact. The biggest difference, however, is that the Dior sponge is not meant to be used damp. Or, to be more precise, no where in the product description or in the application instructions, does it mention anything about wetting the sponge. I appreciate the structure of the sponge, especially the flat-end and tip, which helps to apply foundation to the various crevices of the face with ease. But I don’t think I like it as much as a Beauty Blender, simply because it seems to absorb so much of the product. More on that below…


O.K., so I’ve been testing these products for about three weeks. All other things being equal (skincare, moisturizer etc), I tried them all together, by themselves and in different combinations. Here are my thoughts:

New Diorskin Forever Foundation and Primer Review 2016

Application Method One: Everything used together as intended. I applied the Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear Primer and I let it sit for about 2 minutes while doing my brows. There is a faint alcohol-type smell but this goes away in a few seconds and the product sinks in very quickly. The primer left my face feeling silky and matte but not tight. Dior recommends applying the Forever Foundation with either fingertips or the Backstage Blender. I don’t use fingers other than to dab my foundation onto my face. So after doing that (with about three pumps), I went in with the dry Backstage Blender using the flat end to sweep the foundation across the face. As mentioned earlier, although Dior claims that the sponge “deposits just the right amount of product”, I think ones assessment of this claim will depend on coverage preferences because the sponge does absorb quite a bit of product. With this application method, I was left with what I would call a light-medium coverage (natural skin peeks through), soft matte finish that felt like next to nothing on the skin. I tried to use the rounded side of the sponge to build coverage but I found that it was just too dense.  My base did last all day and then some. I think this would be a power-house combination in the Summer. 

Application Method Two: Same as Method One, but I dampened the Backstage Blender. Dampening the sponge made almost no difference because the sponge doesn’t actually expand like its famous counterpart. The only thing it did was make sweeping the foundation against the skin easier. Finish and coverage was the same as Method One.

Application Method Three: I skipped out on the Forever & Ever Wear primer and, instead, opted to use the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer because I wanted to to achieve a more luminous-matte finish which is how the Forever foundation is described by Dior. Again, I used the Backstage Blender dry. Because the YSL primer is more emollient, it was much easier to blend the Forever foundation into the skin. Coverage-wise, the result was the same as previous application methods, but I found the finish to be much more appealing – a luminous satin-matte.

Application Method Four: Same as Three, but I used a dense flat-top brush instead of the Backstage Blender.  Using a brush instead of the sponge made a noticeable difference in the coverage, which was bumped up to a solid medium.

Application Method Five: I was curious to see how the Forever & Ever primer would work with a different foundation, particularly one that isn’t as matte, so I tried it with the Covergirl Stay Luminous. This foundation isn’t exactly dewy but it’s more so than any of the other in my collection at the moment. As I suspected, the primer performed as well as it did with the Forever foundation, mattifying (but not drying) the face and creating a clinging base that helped my foundation last all day with no shifting. Granted the weather is cooler now, but I didn’t need to blot either.

Final thoughts:  Having experimented with various application methods, I’ve come to some conclusions. I prefer to pair the Forever Foundation with a different, more radiant primer – at least, for the time being. However, as I said, when things heat up around here, pairing it with the forever & ever primer will be an outstanding combination to combat heat and oiliness. I prefer a medium to fuller coverage, therefore, I liked the results I achieved using a dense brush rather than the sponge to apply the foundation. That being said, I can appreciate the very natural finish that the sponge helps to create. The stand-out product for me is the Forever & Ever primer. I love the texture/consistency and how it feels so light-weight on the skin but makes everything feel so smooth. It doesn’t do so well on the pore blurring side of things, but I can live with that.

These products are pricey. The Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup Foundation retails for $50.00 USD/£33.00, the Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear for $45.00 and the Backstage Blender for $20.00 USD. I purchased at Sephora and Macys.





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  1. Good to hear you found an application technique and combo that works for you! The primer sounds really nice, though I personally can NOT live without a good blurring and pore minimizing effect…

  2. I don’t think that would offer the things I want from a foundation, but the way you compared the different application techniques was really helpful.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. Very thorough review! I like to test out different combinations too – it’s funny how sometimes the primer of the same brand doesn’t play well with the corresponding foundation. The description of that sponge sounds quite a bit like the MAC one – it doesn’t expand once wet at all.

  4. That was a great review! I’ve been really tempted to get the foundation but now I want the primer as well 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  5. Looooove your review with all the application methods! Glad to hear the primer is good before I’ve been meaning to try it 😉 xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  6. These sound like something I would like. Definitely need to check it out after I finish my current foundation x

  7. What a nice in depth review! I just saw the Backstage Blender at the mall this week and my husband says ‘Hey Dior has a Beauty Blender!’ Haha! I’ll just stick with my Beauty Blender, but the primer does sound nice. I’ve been wanting to try one of their foundations too. I have a few samples, but haven’t even opened them yet. I should probably get on that!

    • Nawi on March 7, 2016 at 2:17 pm
    • Reply

    What a great review. For the last week I have been trying to choose between color nr 022 or 023 myself I could wear both but for now the 023 was a tad to dark or slightly orange the 022 was een perfect match for now here we do not have the 021. I ended up buying the primer and loose powder as well to combine with the foundation in 022. I have oily t zones and my forehead can get shiny throughout the day. My cheeks can be dry so I hope everything will not dry them out. Can wait to start wearing and testing them together.

    • Nawi on March 7, 2016 at 2:21 pm
    • Reply

    Ps I skipped the new beauty sponge. I have read so many negative reviews about it. And after reading your post I am glad I saved my money on that one. Thanks!

    • Lulle.Beaumiroir on June 11, 2016 at 2:37 pm
    • Reply

    I heard that this foundation’s new formula is pretty easy to apply (some people say that it works fine with fingertips), would you agree? I’m a bit tired of fussy foundations that require a lot of work not to appear streaky or sink into pores!


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