Jul 09 2014

No Bleeding Lips: Colour Between the Lines


Hey everyone. Just a quick review today on a product I’ve been loving this past month. No Bleeding Lips by No Cosmetics is a “clear lip liner that creates an invisible line around the lips”.

No Bleeding Lips Review

According to Sephora’s website this “clear lip liner goes with any shade of lipstick or gloss, especially bright and bold colors, creating a sheer defined lip shape to stop bleeding and feathering.”

I have to say I completely agree with that assessment. I purchased this on a whim as I am not a huge lip liner gal and wanted something specifically to pair with brighter, bold lip colours. A nude liner gets the job done but despite being nude can sometimes interfere with the colour of the lippie.  Plus, I just wanted to try it.

Now let’s be real. This is essentially high-end wax in a convenient pencil form and for $15 USD, most may decide to pass or opt for the drugstore versions. I haven’t tried any of the other versions – drugstore or otherwise, so I was quite pleased with this. That being said, I will definitely be looking into the other varieties such as the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner and Milani Anti-Feathering Lip Liner and report back.

No Bleeding Lips Review 2

For the time being, however, I continue to enjoy this lovely product which does a fantastic job of preventing highly pigmented colours from escaping the confines of my lips. It also really helps me to define the shape of my lips, particularly the cupids bow, making them look “poutier”. The only minor nuisance I’ve experienced with this product is actually the very thing that makes it so good.  This “nuisance” won’t apply to everyone and not all of the time, but I thought I’d make note of it. Because the wax creates a barrier around your lip (thereby preventing anything from getting outside of the lip), should you become very hot and sweat on your upper lip area causing your foundation to break down, that foundation can tend to gather slightly on the very top of you lip because it has no where else to go. This isn’t anything major but something to consider if you live in very hot/humid climates.  When this happens, I just dab by upper lip with a tissue and it’s fine.  And to be honest, I am in an office most days.

O.K. guys, I hope you enjoy this short review. Let me know if you’ve tried this or any other similar type of product. Also, make sure to check back tomorrow for a special announcement, hint: giveway!



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  1. Great little review! Im personally not a fan of lip liners. But hey, rainy belgium and england arent really considered humid climates right? 😀 x

    1. Lol, no certainly not. I miss London though (grass is always greener, huh?)

  2. What a neat idea! I agree, I’m not sure I $15 like it, but maybe I’ll look for a drugstore version.

    1. Yeah $15 is a bit steep, I am gonna look into the Milani at some point when I’m stateside. 🙂

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