Jun 11 2014

New Lip Tar Minis: OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes – Pink Prism


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) recently launched a series of OCC lip tar test tubes which are basically sets of three (3) mini lip tars.

I only own one lip tar (Black Dahlia) and while I do enjoy it (it’s a dark black cherry colour I wear mostly in the fall/winter), I feel like I will never go through the tube before it expires. This, and the fact that using a lip tar requires a certain level of dedication as application can be tricky, is why I’ve never re-purchased one.

However, when I saw that OCC had released these minis for basically the price of one regular sized lip tar ($19.50 USD), I thought I’d give them another go.


occ lip tar test tubes - pink prism


OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes Pink Prism


These “test tubes” come in three sets which include the OCC Lip Primer and Lip Brush as well as two complimentary colours (each tube is 0.08 oz):


  • Blue Blood Set: Stalker (true blue-based red) /Rx (true cyan blue)
  • Champagne Shores Set: Pris (champagne metallic)/Matte in Trollop (pinked coral)
  • Pink Prism Set: Lovecraft (pink/lilac metallic)/Pretty Boy (super rich fuchsia)


I decided on Pink Prism as I will probably get the most wear out of the colours. I think that the intention of these sets is to create an “ombre” effect on the lips, which is what I did in my application, although you can certainly wear the colours individually.


OCC Lip Tar Swatches Pretty Boy - Pink Prism

OCC Lip Tar Lovecraft Swatches - Pink Prism



As is the case with lip tars, you have to take your time with application. For the purpose of this post and reviewing the set in its entirety, I used the lip brush that came along with it but I would recommend using a softer lip brush if you have one. After lining my lips with a nude liner, I applied the primer and let it sit for about a minute. I noticed that the primer is thinner and has more slip then the tars themselves. I then applied the fuchsia (Pretty Boy) and accidentally used entirely too much (you need a pinhead sized amount and even that can be too much). Then I dotted the metallic pink (Lovecraft) in the centre of my lip, blending it outwards slightly. Its not picking up quite as well as I had hoped in the photo, but Lovecraft has quite a bit of silver shimmer that can feel slightly gritty on the lips but not overly so. All and all, I like the way that it turned out (please forgive my tooth). 🙂


OCC Lip Tar Pink Prism (Lip swatch)


Though the colour lasted about four hours (with eating), the ombre effect starts to fade at about the second hour – I noticed the metallic pink was almost entirely gone after lunch while the fuchsia hung on for a few more hours. For a night out or an event that’s only a couple hours, its a great option. Not so much if you are in a hurry or don’t like to fuss a lot with your lip products.

In general, OCC Lip Tars are a great product for those who enjoy experimenting with makeup as they can be mixed with each other to create custom colours. They are also a great product for makeup artists for the same reason. Grabbing all three of these sets or even a few of the regular ones in different colours, along with the adjusters (the blue blood set) means you can add a bit of this and a bit of that until you find a tone that suits you.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics products are vegan and cruelty-free.

You can find these at Sephora (they don’t appear on OCC’s website so they may be a Sephora exclusive).


  • Pigmentation: Excellent (verging on extreme)
  • Wear Time: Average
  • Cost: Affordable ($19.50)
  • Available Locally: No (Sephora.com)


Have you guys tried any of the occ lip tar test tubes? The regular line? What are some of your favourites?


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  1. Ive always been intrigued the the OCC lip tars, but not so much desire to buy them… Everyone raves about them but they seem like they would be so sticky and too much time to apply. lol However they do look stunning! Thanks so much for linking up to Makeup Monday! (I Pinned your post!)


    1. Thank you for stopping by and pinning my post. I was so excited when I found out link shares was a thing and Makeup Monday is such a great initiative. I am in awe at the support networks that exist for beauty and lifestyle bloggers, which wouldn’t be possible if not for the efforts of the bloggers like yourself who organise them. Have been checking out some of the other blogs, its such a great way to connect.

      I relate to what you’re saying on the OCC lip tars, I kinda felt that way too which is why I only owned one before as it does take some effort to apply, lol. They’re actually not a sticky as you would think (not as sticky as a MAC lipglass) and I love the concept of these minis where the investment isn’t as overwhelming as having to buy several of the regular sizes.


  2. I really want to try some OCC lip tars! I’ve hear amazing things!
    xprincessjas | xx

    1. These are a great way to try some without breaking the bank. 🙂 They can be a little tricky to apply but the effect is worth it and the wear time is pretty decent as well.

  3. i have this set and love it.

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