Jul 27 2014

Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask


Looking for a mask that’s more than just a mask? The Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask is sensory experience that I’ve come to crave since first being introduced to this product two years ago.

Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask

A lovely cast member at my former Sephora haunt in D.C. (when I lived there) saved me with this product when I came into the store desperate for a remedy for my out of whack skin. Even though the weather was warm, for whatever reason, my skin hated me and wanted to be a red, dry flaky mess. As if this was not enough, I was still oily and broken out but now shedding at the same time. I’d never experienced such a combination.


Her solution was the following: on cleansed skin, apply the Fresh Rose Face Mask for 5 minutes, wash off will cool water and follow with the Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask for….well initially, she said at least 15 minutes. But then, she asked me how much time I had. To which I replied, however long it takes. Smiling, she advised me to leave the Ole Henriksen mask for as long as I like, up to 30 minutes or more – preferably while relaxing with a glass of wine. Red. This has been my preferred method of application ever since. 🙂 Oh, and she gave me generous samples of both masks so I didn’t actually have to buy them right then and there.

Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask

According to Ole Henriksen, this “aromatic, reparative gel mask hydrates with sodium hyaluronate and lavender to quench dry and sensitive skin. The perfect antidote to facial stress, this potent blend of extracts smoothes and polishes skin”.

The key ingredients/claims are:

  • Blue/blackberry fruit extract  – to “oxygenate”, renew skin cells, smooth and refines texture.
  • Lavender extract  – to reduce inflammation, repair and renew;
  • Panthenol (vitamin B5) – to hydrate and nourish; and
  • Papaya enzyme – to renew skin and removes dead skin cells.

I tried it that very night! One cycle of this combo, and the next day my skin was completely healed and back to normal. It was amazing. While I had enjoyed the Fresh Rose Mask (and did purchase it a few months later), it was the Enyzme mask that really stood out to me and I went back for a full size the very next day. It’s been in my regular rotation ever since. These miracle pots last a long time even with regular use, so this is maybe my fourth jar. Not only is the smell a divine aromatherapy experience (I love lavender), but the texture feels amazing and cooling on the skin. More importantly, this really works to hydrate and rejuvenate. I cannot recommend it highly enough. One of my all time loves when it comes to skincare.

Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask Reviews

This product is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. According to the directions, a generous amount of this mask is to be used two to three times a week after cleansing for about 10 minutes, followed by whatever face serum and moisturizer you are using. I tend to use it about once a week and still see great results. It retails for $34.00 USD for 3.5 fl oz and can be found at Sephora or the Ole Henriksen website (





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    • Kristi C. (@lov2read68) on July 27, 2014 at 2:08 pm
    • Reply

    I love reading reviews of products that are long term pieces in someone’s skincare routine! The tried & true that you purchase again & again. Those reviews are just as important, if not more so, to me than the newest product that’s been released. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks you Kristi! I really appreciate your feedback. I love reviewing & reading about new products but it’s almost more exciting to hear what people have been loving for a long time, then you know it’s probably a good one! Thanks for stopping by, hun!

  1. Loved the whole relaxing with a glass of wine thing!
    This sounds like a great product, I find that masks are sometimes pushed aside as something to rely on only as an extra, so hearing about one that really does the difference is impressive! 🙂


    1. Thanks Gyudy. Yeah, I think we should all find the time to pamper ourselves. 🙂

  2. I am always on the hunt for new skincare products and your review has sold it to me will defo be on the look out for this product.


    1. Thanks Nicole, it’s a good one. Let me know if you end up trying it. It’s too bad they don’t have Sephora’s in the UK. Can you guys find Ole Henriksen? Thanks for stopping by.

  3. i love that brand, so this sounds like one i need to pick up!

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