May 30 2014

Revlon Rio Rush Collection 2014


Imagine my surprise when I wandered into the local drugstore and spotted this end cap (Revlon Rio Rush Collection 2014 by Gucci Westman):

Revlon Rio Collection


As far as I know, the Revlon Rio Rush Collection for Spring/Summer 2014 landed state-side (U.S.), at the beginning of April 2014. I am not sure if the collection was released state wide or only in a few states. I heard that not everyone could find it. Anyho, we don’t expect to get these limited edition collections in The Bahamas. Well, at least, I don’t . But to be honest with you, I haven’t been drugstore shopping at home for quite a while. Also, I noticed that the major “chain” drugstore (I think there are two or three locations) that we have in the capital (Nassau), recently underwent some renovations/improvements. When I walked in there the only day, for a brief moment I thought I was in a CVS or Walgreens lol.

I was tempted to pick up everything but I held back, mainly due to the high prices. That’s that thing about living in the islands, everything is imported and retailers have to pay duty, plus mark up the product enough to make a profit. Somehow though, this does not apply to high-end products. Often the cost of say, a Dior Lipstick, is the same in The Bahamas as it is in the U.S. and sometimes, even a few dollars cheaper. I am not sure why, maybe because those products are duty-free?

Now that I’ve gone completely off topic…look out for swatches of the Eye-shadow quad in Exotic which I’ll probably post tomorrow.

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May 29 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatics (LE) Collection


Better late than never! MAC Alluring Aquatics Limited Edition Collection FINALLY lands in The Bahamas. Actually, I am surprised it came as early as it did, as past limited collections have taken weeks to come if at all.  This collection released online on 15th May and in stores in the US on 22nd May. Apparently, it released at the MAC location in Nassau this past Sunday the 25th.

MAC Alluring Aquatics CollectionMAC Alluring Aquatics HaulHere’s my 5 cents (I know the expression is 2 cents, Bahamians will understand the reference) – I called two weeks ago to find out when they would be getting the collection. I was told Saturday 24th. So on that day, I called again just to be sure…oh no, they hadn’t gotten it after all, check back in another week. Ugh! So I waited a  few days, called back today (Wednesday 28th) only to discover that it actually released in store on Sunday the 25th!  So why couldn’t they have told me that on Saturday when I called?

Anyway, the MAC girls there are always nice. I don’t mean to complain but because I didn’t get there on Sunday (thinking the collection hadn’t come out yet), I missed out on the one thing I wanted: Aphrodite’s Shell! That being said, there was quite a bit of stuff left. The only items sold out as of my visit on Wednesday (28th) were the two regular Bronzers (which I believe are permanent minus the cool packaging) and the Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodite’s Shell (sad face). All lipsticks (5), lip glasses(5), eye shadows (6), ED blushes (2) lip pencils (2), nail lacquers (4), eyeliners (2), brushes and the ED Bronzer in Delphic were still available.

I really, really wanted an ED Bronzer. Delphic did not appeal to me, it swatched  far too orange on my skin tone. After sinking into a momentary depression, I ended up settling for a blush instead and picked up the ED blush in Sea Me, Hear Me. I also knew I wanted at least one lipstick, so I also grabbed Mystical which is a medium rosy-pink colour in a cremesheen finish. I had to swipe the blush with my finger a few times to get a decent swatch, but hopefully it will wear on the cheeks well. For some reason, the lipstick appears far more “glossy” in the second swatch. It could just be the warmth of the skin (my friend who helped me out runs a little warm lol).

Mystical (Left); Sea Me Hear Me (Right)

Mystical (Left); Sea Me Hear Me (Right)

Mystical (Left); Sea Me Hear Me (Right)

Mystical (Left); Sea Me Hear Me (Right)



  • Pigmentation: Blush (Good); Lipstick (Good)
  • Price: Average (Lipstick $16.50 BSD/USD, ED Blush $27.50 BSD/USD) There is a slight mark up for packaging.
  • Available Locally: Yes (MAC @ Cosmetic Boutique/John Bull Nassau)

It seems like a lot of people were disappointed in this collection and demand was driven by the cool packaging more than anything else. Did you guys manage to grab anything from the collection, what are your thoughts?

P.S. As you can probably tell from the pics, the first one shows three products but only two are swatched. Stay tuned for a giveaway! 🙂




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May 28 2014

Drugstore Haul: Neutrogena


Picked up a few things from the drugstore, well actually ordered them online from CVS. Ah, Neutrogena…takes me back. 🙂


Drusgtore Haul May 23 Featured Image


Neutrogena On the Spot Treatment – I’ve been needing a benzoyl peroxide based treatment every since I ran out of my Clinique Emergency Gel-Lotion (which is the best I’ve tried so far) a few weeks ago. It doesn’t appear to be in-stock at our local retailers so I was out of luck. I suppose I could have ordered it online. I’m not sure what I was thinking….oh yeah CVS was running an awesome online deal for 30% off. So, I opted to try the Neutrogena one which I haven’t tried in years. Its got 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide as compared with the Clinique which I think is 5%. Anyway, we will see how it goes.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer Night – This one is actually for the BF, the retinol in the product seems to also help with keeping breakouts at bay.

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser – I needed a new morning cleanser (I like to use something really gentle in the mornings as I don’t feel the need to strip my skin). This is just o.k. I’ve noticed that its stings my eyes a bit.

Garnier BB Cream Oily/Combination Skin in Light/Medium – I am late on the bandwagon with this one. I think that this was all the rage last year? Anyway, I’ve only used it once and can say I am not too impressed so far, will have to try it out some more.

For my Bahamian Beauties, since placing this order, I have confirmed that all products are available locally (Nassau) with the exception of the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer in the new formula.  Check the drugstore in Harbour Bay. 🙂 If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can order Neutrogena Products online from the Amazon Canada site.

What are some of your drugstore skincare favourites?



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May 27 2014

Review: MAC Full of Joy Blush (Now Permanent)


MAC Cosmetics lovers would have all heard by now that MAC has made several previously limited edition products permanent. This included a decent number of lipsticks (Flamingo, Pink Pigeon and Sweet & Sour among them), as well as several cult favourite blushes. Of the re-released blushes, the one I was most anxious to get my hands on was MAC’s Full of Joy. Unfortunately, as of this post, the MAC store in The Bahamas isn’t carrying it. So, of course, I ordered online – paid the extra shipping and duty to get into my hands ASAP.

MAC Blush Full of Joy Pckg

Full of Joy is described on MAC’s website as a Lavender with a Frost finish. I think, and most reviews on this product seem to agree, that the “frost” aspect is minimal. However, this lavender-lilac blush is very cool-toned. Even though I am considered “fair” (usually light, can lean towards light/medium in the summer), I was worried that due to my yellow undertones this blush would not be flattering.

MAC Blush Full of Joy

After trying it will a full face, I wouldn’t say that its unflattering- I kept the rest of my face neutral and paired it with other cool-toned colours. To be quite honest, I think you have to be in a certain mood and frame of mind to wear this blush.


The pigmentation is decent, I swiped and tapped my brush twice to get good colour payoff. I think this would make a great “topper” blush to add a lilac essence to, perhaps, a more neutral-toned pink blush.  The effect that it gives reminds me of Illamasqua’s Katie (one of my favourite blushes of all  time), but with a sheen. I should note that because of the sheen, this blush can highlight pores and uneven skin texture. The wear time is also decent, I would say approximately 4 – 5 hours depending on your skin type and what you are doing (it lasted six hours on me the first time I wore it but I was home most of the day in the A/C).

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May 26 2014



Join beautyisles as we test out tons of Sunscreen SPF products. Summer is approaching and we all want to practise safety in the sun! There are tons of sunscreen products out there and not all of these products are created equal. There are different needs for different skin types. Those of us who wear makeup are particularly concerned about how the sunscreen interacts with the rest of our cosmetic products. Look out for the launch of the series in the Special Features” section and individual reviews in the coming weeks!

Summer Essential SPF