Aug 13 2014

Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum Review (HWB)


I went back and forth several times on how I would approach my Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum Review. Based on the things I had heard about this product from sources I trust, I had the preconceived notion that this foundation would hold up well in the hot weather. So my plan after purchasing/testing was to review it as part of my Hot Weather Beauty Series. After actually using it the first few times, however, I started to rethink that approach because it did not turn out to be what I expected.

O.k. before getting ahead of myself, when I say it did not turn out to be what I expected I do not mean I didn’t like it. Basically, based on the rave reviews about it’s long wear, I thought this would have mattifying qualities and it does not (in my opinion). Additionally, without the help of a primer or mattifying powder, this product can make me look slightly shiny by mid-day. It is for these reasons that I questioned whether this foundation would be appropriate for my hot weather series. But then I had to ask myself an important question. Do I believe that only mattifying products should be considered as Hot Weather Beauty? And furthermore, would I only feature products that work the best for my particular skin type?

After much thought, the answer to both questions turned out to be “No”.  First, despite the fact that the Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum is not mattifying, there are other qualities about it that justify its placement in this series. Second, while my reviews are based on my own experiences with my skin and I would not wish to make too many assumptions of how a product will perform on a different skin type, I do think that certain insights can be offered.

Before we get into my thoughts, however, let’s see what the company has to say about their product.  According to the Perricone website, the “No Foundation Foundation Serum restores the color and radiance of youthful skin. It instantly diffuses and softens imperfections without settling into fine lines or aging one’s appearance”. In addition to claims of firming skin and minimizing wrinkles and pores, the formula is described as a “weightless and breathable second skin effect with a semi-matte finish”. It provides sun protection, a mineral SPF 30, and comes in one universal shade that one is supposedly able to customize with the addition of Perricone’s No Bronzer Bronzer.

Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum Review

The most obvious down side to this product is: the one shade.  I would say the color is best suited for light/medium to medium skin tones (it’s actually a smidgen too dark for me). Although the Bronzer is available and formulated to be mixed with the foundation to create a custom shade, having to purchase that product is an additional expense (not to mention an additional step in one’s routine). Furthermore, the foundation can only be made darker, not lighter. Of course, that being said, I have to highlight the fact that some thought was put into darker/deeper skin tones which makes for a nice change.

With respect to the claims that the formula is semi-matte, I disagree somewhat. On my skin, I would characterize the finish to be satin, with a hint of dewiness. However, for normal to dry skin types, semi-matte may be a totally appropriate description.

With respect to the coverage, it is quite light, and took some getting used to. I am usually a medium to full coverage girl (mostly because I’m too lazy for concealer), so the first time I applied this I was not exactly happy. Of course, it doesn’t claim to be full coverage but for some reason I was expecting a little more.

So after those comments, why do I like it and what makes this product so great for the hot weather? It’s got great staying power and does not break down in the humidity as a result of perspiration. Now you may think it sticks around because the coverage is so light,  i.e. there’s not much of it to come off. Not so. I’ve had tinted moisturizers with barely any coverage slide off in the heat making my face look like it’s melting off.  The Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum does not do that. It stays on and maintains its “structure” so to speak. This brings me to the second claim, which I completely agree with. It really is like a second skin and you don’t feel as I’d you’re wearing anything at all.

Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum
Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum Review

As you may be able to see from the swatches above, it is a very liquidy formula. In terms of application, most who have reviewed this product say that it’s best applied with the fingers and as much as I hate that, it really is one of the best ways to apply this stuff. I’ve also used a dense flat top brush which also works. A beauty blender doesn’t work as well, unfortunately.

In conclusion, I like this foundation. I definitely have to use a concealer but enjoy how well this holds up in the hot, humid climate that is my home. I would also venture to say that normal to drier skin beauties in the market for a higher end foundation, would really enjoy this.  A full size 1 fl oz bottle retails for $55.00 USD and can be found in at Sephora and Perricone online. It is not available in The Bahamas.





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  1. Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on thus guy! I have tried the No Foundation Foundation, but not the serum. Will have to grab myself a sample! Thanks Kimmy!

    1. Thanks hun! I debated buying the original formula as Perricone had a sale on this week and it was $40 USD instead of $55 USD…but I thought it might not be my thing if this version was suppose to be better for oily skin. 🙂 Let me know if you end up trying it out!

  2. I’ve heard so many things about this foundation but I’m still not sold on it. It sounds fairly similar to the Nude Magique one from L’Oreal which I love and maybe has a little bit more coverage, even though that one it’s said to be an Armani Maestro dupe. Well, as long as you’re enjoying it it’s money well spent!!! 😉 xx

    1. I’ve not tried the L’oreal nor the Armani. I normally don’t go for those types of foundations, which is why this Perricone one took some getting used to. But I agree with you, based on what I’ve heard, I think this one would be similarly to those you’ve mentioned. It’s definitely not my favourite – but has some good qualities. I don’t know how they are about samples in Italy/Turin but if you can, I think this one definitely calls for a sample before parting with all that cash because it is expensive. 🙂

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