May 30 2014

Revlon Rio Rush Collection 2014


Imagine my surprise when I wandered into the local drugstore and spotted this end cap (Revlon Rio Rush Collection 2014 by Gucci Westman):

Revlon Rio Collection


As far as I know, the Revlon Rio Rush Collection for Spring/Summer 2014 landed state-side (U.S.), at the beginning of April 2014. I am not sure if the collection was released state wide or only in a few states. I heard that not everyone could find it. Anyho, we don’t expect to get these limited edition collections in The Bahamas. Well, at least, I don’t . But to be honest with you, I haven’t been drugstore shopping at home for quite a while. Also, I noticed that the major “chain” drugstore (I think there are two or three locations) that we have in the capital (Nassau), recently underwent some renovations/improvements. When I walked in there the only day, for a brief moment I thought I was in a CVS or Walgreens lol.

I was tempted to pick up everything but I held back, mainly due to the high prices. That’s that thing about living in the islands, everything is imported and retailers have to pay duty, plus mark up the product enough to make a profit. Somehow though, this does not apply to high-end products. Often the cost of say, a Dior Lipstick, is the same in The Bahamas as it is in the U.S. and sometimes, even a few dollars cheaper. I am not sure why, maybe because those products are duty-free?

Now that I’ve gone completely off topic…look out for swatches of the Eye-shadow quad in Exotic which I’ll probably post tomorrow.

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