Jun 29 2014

Say Cheese! New Sephora Face Masks


Who doesn’t love walking around looking like they’re about to rob a bank?

Well, if you do enjoy that kinda of thing of if you, like me, just like a good sheet mask, stick around for my review of the new Sephora Face Masks. These sheet masks or fiber masks are $6 (USD) a pop and come in six varieties:

  • Ginseng mask – Toning & revitalizing (Yellow)
  • Green Tea mask – Mattifying & anti-blemish (Green)
  • Honey mask – Nourishing & balancing (Orange)
  • Pearl mask – Perfecting & brightening (Pink)
  • Pomegranate mask – Anti-fatigue & energizing (Red)
  • Rose mask – Moisturizing & brightening (Fuchsia)

I only picked up two, the Pomegranate and Green Tea, because a) I thought these would suit my skin needs best and b) I wasn’t sure if I would like them, so. But really, I should have just gotten one of each because I really enjoyed theses.



Sephora Face Mask Reviews


The general verdict: First, the fit. These masks actually fit my face quite well. They are on the larger side (and I have a large face), so I appreciated that, but I think they would fit a wide range of face sizes because the cut outs are strategically placed to allow some room for adjustment. These may not work if your face is really tiny. Also, they do not slip or budge once on the face. The only issue with the fit, for me, were the eye cut outs. I found them on the small side, but by no means were the openings too small (meaning that the mask itself did not cover my eyes in any way).

sephora sheet face mask

Second, moisture levels. This is a wet mask, in a good way. I only used each mask once and left it on for a good 30 minutes (I think 15 minutes is the recommended time) and they were still damp when I removed them.  Based on that, I could certainly see one storing the mask in a zippie bag for a second use. Now onto each specific mask…


O.K. Let’s start with the Green Tea. According to Sephora’s website,  this “a natural fiber mask with green tea extract that purifies, mattifies, and tones down blemishes”. It is formulated to “reduce the appearance of skin imperfections” and  “perfectly hugs facial contours, better allowing the active ingredients to penetrate, absorb excess sebum, and create a purified, mattified complexion”.

sephora face masks green tea

I used this one in the morning. Washed my face as usual with my morning cleanser, patted dry and then placed the mask on. It has a very light, fresh scent. Like I said, left it on for 30 minutes. After removing the mask, I massaged the remaining liquid into my skin and then applied a light-weight sunscreen/moisturizer. I didn’t use a separate moisturizer because I didn’t want to interfere with the effects of the mask. It was a weekend and I didn’t have anything to do besides some house work so no make-up either. Throughout the day, running around doing laundry and such, I did notice that I didn’t develop as much oil and I usually do. Also, when I heat up (as one does doing housework in 90 degree weather) my face gets red and I definitely noticed less redness. All and all, a thumbs up for this one.

Next, the pomegranate. Again, according to Sephora, this is “a natural fiber mask with pomegranate extract that tones, revitalizes and illuminates skin”. It is formulated to “relieve dry and sensitive skin instantly” and “perfectly hugs facial contours, better allowing the active ingredients to penetrate, relieve signs of fatigue, awaken, and tone the skin”.


Sephora face masks pomegranate

I applied this one in the evening, same deal as the Green Tea, 30 minutes. The mask has a light, almost imperceptible, citrus scent which fades quickly. Also a very wet mask. This one left my face feeling really refreshed and I did notice some initial “brightness”.  I could see this being a great one to pair with a good eye mask to use right before an event or night out, particularly if you are feeling less than energized. I also liked this one.

In conclusion, for me, these masks were worth the $6 bucks and I would repurchase and try the others in the future.


For perspective on skincare product reviews, it’s always useful to know a little something about the reviewer’s skin type. Rather than repeating the information in every post, I have a summary on the “My Skin Stats” page.


Have you tried the Sephora face masks? Do you guys like sheet masks? What are some of your favourites?



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  1. Oh god they look a little freaky don’t they? 😀 Haha. I think my boyfriend would get a heart attack if he sees me running around like that!

      • Kimmy (Beauty Isles) on June 30, 2014 at 2:44 am
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      Yeah he makes fun of me al of the time for sure! 🙂

    • anoushkaloves on July 1, 2014 at 9:54 am
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    I think I need to wear these all of the time!


    1. Haha. Sometimes I go out in the balcony with them on. I’m sure the neigbours think something’s off, lol. 🙂

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