Dec 13 2014

The Local: Daytime Outing at Atlantis Resort


It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Local post. A couple of weeks ago we had an outing at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island (Bahamas) and I thought I’d share some pictures. Locals often go over there to dine and hang out. Although mega-resorts aren’t usually my thing, I have to admit that the grand complex that is Atlantis is pretty impressive. Over the years I’ve visited with friends and business colleagues from out of town and their reaction is always the same: Wow!


Atlantis Resort Bahamas (1)

Royal Towers Entrance and View of the Marina – Atlantis Resort Bahamas


Atlantis Resort Bahamas - Royal Towers Check In Area

Royal Towers Check In Area – Atlantis Resort Bahamas –


The Atlantis Resort, built around the theme of island of Greek mythology, is major architectural feat. Besides the luxury of its guest rooms, restaurants, pools and water activities – it is the location of one of the world’s largest “aquariums”. I use the term “aquarium” loosely as it does not quite describe the maze of marine habitats and aquarium exhibits housed in eight million gallons of salt water. This includes 14 lagoons, caves, coral formations, and more than 50,000 aquatic animals (dolphins, sea lions, sharks, rays, barracuda, piranha, eels) which represent over 250 marine species.  In fact, I think at the time it was completed, it was the world’s largest open air marine habitats (and may still be).


Atlantis Resort Bahamas Atrium

Atrium – Atlantis Resort Bahamas


Atlantis Resort Bahamas Atrium Aquarium

Atrium Aquarium – Atlantis Resort Bahamas


The pictures were taken just outside one of the restaurants, they don’t capture the true beauty of all the creatures you’ll find here but still pretty cool.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas Aquarium - Fish
Atlantis Resort Bahamas Aquarium - Ray

And this guy, he was just posing. 🙂

Atlantis Resort Bahamas - Bird

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little peak into a very, very small fraction of the resort. I know that some of you guys have said that you’ve vacationed The Bahamas before, please share your stories!





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  1. jasmincharlotte

    It looks so lovely! I really want to head to that bit of the world sometime next year, I think it is time I saw a beach and soaked up some sun, it has been too long! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Kimmy

      Hehe. I agree. Although I’m not one to soak up the rays – sitting at the beach (in the shade) is always nice for me. 🙂

  2. jen-avon

    Lovely post! I’ve been wanting to go here for so long! What a beautiful resort. In a couple of years when my kids aren’t babies I would like to take a trip and stay here.

    1. Kimmy

      I hope that you do someday, Jen. The resort is really kid friendly! 🙂

  3. kpsays

    I’ve been to the Bahamas several times, but never visited Atlantis. I hope to one day be able to vacation there! And I’ll let you know in advance so we can have dinner! 😉

    1. Kimmy

      I remember you saying, Karen. And definitely let me know if/when you are ever back – dinner would be lovely. 🙂

  4. Silke Laura

    I’m always open for an invitation to the Bahamas Kimmy.. Just sayin’! 😉 This place looks soo dreamy to me!

    1. Kimmy

      Hehe. Well, you’re always welcome, of course. 🙂 xo

  5. Saph@frugalwifeblog

    My hubby and I honeymooned at Atlantis thanks to his aunt that worked there getting us a great discount! Would love to take our kids to their waterpark now that we live here!

    1. Kimmy

      I think that would be lots of fun for the kids! The day passes can be pricey so hopefully you can get a deal on them. 🙂

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