Mar 03 2015

Travel Exclusive Tuesday: Clinique Long Last Lipsticks


It’s that time again. Travel Exclusive Tuesdays (catch the first one and background deets here). My latest duty free discovery? A quint of 5 Clinique Long Last Lipsticks at an incredible value. O.K., so I’ve probably mentioned this before but Clinique is a brand that I think is often overlooked – particularly when it comes to makeup. It’s been years since I’ve used any of their colour cosmetics (apart from my beloved Stay Matte Foundation). When I spied this little set, I was won over by nostalgia – Clinique lipsticks were among my first department store brands years and years ago.


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Travel Exclusive


These particular ones are part of the long wear line. According to Clinique, this is the their longest-wearing formula, promising to keep its just-applied look for hours without feathering, creeping, staining or drying out. When Clinique says no “staining”, I’m inclined to think that they’re using the term in the strictest sense of the word (defined as a “mark or discolour with something that is not easily removed). In other words, while the lipsticks are long lasting – they don’t leave behind the evidence like a Sharpie. That’s how I interpret it anyway…otherwise, the long last thing doesn’t make sense.

The lipsticks retail for $16.00 USD each. In the U.K. they are £17.50 which I don’t understand. Why?

Anyway, the travel exclusive set of five full sizes set me back $54.00 BSD (which is equivalent to USD).  As you might have seen from the little sticker in the upper right hand corner of the box, they tell you you’re paying for four lipsticks and getting one free. But it was actually a greater value, because four lipsticks should be $64.00. Basically, you’re getting each one for $10.80. What I also really enjoyed about the set is that each lipstick is packed in it’s own box – making it more appealing if you plan to share or gift any of them. If you’ve got five friends to give to, each can get one that still looks all pretty in its packaging.


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Travel Exclusive Packaging


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Travel Exclusive Shades

Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Bullets


Clinique’s long wear lipsticks are divided into color groups: Nudes, Pinks, Red/Tawny, and Violet. The five shades included in the travel exclusive set are: Pink Moon, All Heart, Berry Freeze, Creamy Nude and Blushing Nude.


Pink Moon – A8: A mid-tone pink that reminds me so much of MAC’s Hot Gossip (which I do own). Pink Moon is a tad warmer and more yellow than Hot Gossip but they are very similar once on the lips.


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Pink Moon

Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Pink Moon Lip Swatch


All Heart –  15: A bright brick red.  I can see this red appealing to many for its brightness and the radiance it brings to the face. It’s also one of those reds that makes your teeth look whiter. 🙂 Red/Tawny color group.


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks All Heart

Clinique Long Last Lipsticks All Heart Lip Swatch


Berry Freeze – 10: Such a classic, timeless shade. It’s red-brown berry that looks deceptively boring in the bullet but is so spectacular on the lips. A red for those that don’t do red. A perfect tone to perk up the complexion. If you’re into the “color of the year” trend, this definitely has the Marsala vibe.  Nudes color group.


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Berry Freeze


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Berry Freeze Lip Swatch


Creamy Nude – 03: A pale brownish nude with a hint of peach. On me, this is one of those “concealer” like shades that just doesn’t work. I’ve heard that some people really enjoy it so it might just be the fact that it does not blend well with my particular natural lip color (pale mauve). Nudes color group.


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Creamy Nude

Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Creamy Nude Lip Swatch


Blushing Nude – 12: A pinky-nude that for many could be a contender for a MLBB (my lips but better). Pinks color group.


Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Blushing Nude

Clinique Long Last Lipsticks Blushing Nude Lip Swatch


After testing these lipsticks for about two weeks, I found that formula was not uniform across the board. Pink Moon, All Heart, and Berry Freeze are most similar in texture and finish. You can probably tell from the photographs but these three have have a shimmer to them. Though this doesn’t come across on the lips, it lends itself to a finish that is somewhere between a satin and a glaze.  They glide easily across the lips, leaving a semi-opaque sheen finish. In contrast, Creamy Nude and Blushing Nude are almost semi-matte in texture and finish. They are creamy with a soft shine and full coverage. Kind of like a MAC Cremesheen. However, Creamy Nude applied somewhat patchy whereas Blushing Nude was much more even.

As to the claims of maintaining “a just-applied look for hours without feathering, creeping, staining or drying out”, I did not experience feathering or creeping or drying as promised. However, performance on long wear varied.

Again, Pink Moon, All Heart and Berry Freeze were most similar. After about 2-3 hours the sheen wears and you are left with nice even wash of color that is slightly less vibrant than the lipstick would be freshly applied. Some might call this a stain. The “wash of color” will last another few hours, bringing total wear time to about 5 hours. Creamy Nude, on the other hand, disappears quickly and is moderately drying. Blushing Nude lasts a little longer and is probably the most comfortable on the lips – almost hydrating.

Overall, I’m enjoying these lipstuicks and happy to have some Clinique makeup in my life again. Pink Moon, Blushing Nude and Berry Freeze are fantastic colors for year round wear and a great red (All Heart) always has a place in anyone’s collection. The only shade I probably won’t get any wear out of is Creamy Nude. 🙂

Which one is your favorite? And do you shop Clinique?





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    • kirstydowling88 on March 3, 2015 at 8:06 am
    • Reply

    I’ve spied this travel set a few times in Duty Free. I don’t own much Clinique make up. I have a couple of Chubby sticks, lips and blush and a mascara. Pink Moon and All Heart look gorgeous and it’s fab that they come individually packaged as, like you said, you could definitely gift any shades you’re unlikely to wear. I’m always picking up bits and pieces when I’m travelling through the airport. Love a good beauty bargain! x

    Kirsty –

    1. I thought you might have! I seem to recall that you often find yourself in the Duty Free, hehe. It becomes a little addicting actually…especially when, like me, you don’t actually have to be in an airport to get some of these items. Thank goodness I’m limiting myself to one purchase a month. x

  1. My favorite ones are the Berry Freeze and Pink Moon. 🙂 I haven’t shopped Clinique in a very long time. When I was 16 and feeling down about myself my Mom took me to the makeup counter to have my makeup done and I loved it. So then my dear Mom bought me all of the Clinique makeup that was used on me. What a great Mom! lol. 🙂 I really did love Clinique products and hope to venture back there sometime soon. Lovely post! <3 xo

    1. Aww, I love that story! I think it was my mum who took me to the Clinique counter for the first time as well. And a few years ago, I took my niece (who was 18) to the Clinique counter for her first experience with Department store makeup. This seems to be a common shared experience. Actually, I think Clinique needs to do a campaign based on that! Should I pitch it to them, hehe?

  2. I love this series! I love exploring duty free shops when I travel. They have so many many great sets and you just want to buy them all! 😀 Clinique was one of the first makeup brands I used when I was starting with makeup. I still have a few of their lipsticks in my collection but I gave all the eyeshadows to a friend. She loves them! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll feature next Tuesday! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jaa! I’m so glad you like it. It is so tempting to grab all of these cute sets…completely agree with you there! I actually do Travel Exclusive Tuesdays once a month, on the first Tuesday…otherwise it could get really dangerous for my wallet. 🙂 xo

    • Silke Laura on March 3, 2015 at 5:01 pm
    • Reply

    I’ve seen this set on my way to England (on the ferry boat) and was rather tempted to get them! Creamy nude does actually look a little patchy. Blushing nude on the other hand looks so beautiful! As for the crazy price differences.. I don’t know why they do that. It’s the same with the Hourglass things like the eyeshadow palette. It’s £58 which is like.. $90! It’s insane!

    1. I agree, it is rather inconvenient. Blushing Nude is definitely inching in to take #1 place when it comes to these lippies. I wore it three days in a row, which, when you own as many lip products as I think most of us do…says something. xo

  3. Hey Kimmy, I looove dutyfree elusive sets! You are right: Clinique makeup is often overlooked, but they actually do have great stuff (those CHEEK POPS, man)! I really like Blushing Nude on you. It seems like a nude that still looks healthy!

    1. I can’t believe I don’t own a Cheek Pop – just for the visual beauty alone! I haven’t seen them at our counters in The Bahamas though…I mean, not obviously on display…I’ll have investigate further.

  4. Can we ever resist duty free shopping? I know I can’t. lol Looks like such a great selection of colours. They are all stunning but I think Pink moon and Blushing Nude are my faves. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. No, I don’t think our DNA will allow us to! I only wish I could get access to more brands when it comes to the Travel selections…we mostly have Clinique, Estee Lauder, YSL, Lancome and a few others. And some L’oreal as well. 🙂

  5. Oh, I love the look of pink moon! (:
    Nati xx

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