Feb 01 2017

YSL The Street and I Collection Review & Swatches (Keep an Eye on Me Palette)


The Yves Saint Laurent limited edition “The Street and I” Spring 2017 Collection is meant to be inspired by the graffiti art that colors the cities of the world. Though both rooted in artistry, at first glance, the thought of a luxury makeup brand embracing graffiti as a theme seemed somewhat ironic to me. But the more I thought about it (the history of graffiti and the history of Yves Saint Laurent), the more I acclimatized to the idea. And it is just makeup, after all (wink). So, with that in mind, let’s talk about my pick from the YSL The Street and I Collection…the “Keep an Eye on Me” Couture Collector Eyeshadow Palette.


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Jan 29 2017

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation Review


Full coverage foundations used to be my go-to. Having suffered from less than perfect skin for most of my teenage and young adult like, I craved the flawless canvas that fuller coverage matte foundations promised to offer. Years later, I discovered what wonders could be achieved by strategic use of concealer without resorting to the mask-like effect that high coverage foundations can sometimes result in. And more recently still, as my skin has matured, I find myself preferring medium coverage foundations that offer a satin, luminous finish. That being said, there will always be a place in my heart…and in my collection…for a full coverage matte foundation. So, of course, I was tempted by the release of the Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

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Jan 22 2017

Beauty Favorites 2016 (“Best of Beauty”)


A few weeks into the new year and I thought I’d kick things off on a positive note with a Beauty Favorites 2016 post. I haven’t done a favorites in ages. Something I’m hoping to rectify in 2017. The products featured in this post aren’t necessarily products that were released in 2016. More like products that I discovered last year. I’m not featuring skincare because I plan to do a skincare routine post at some point. Over the past four months or so, I’ve been experimenting with my skincare and have found some fantastic products. There are just a few that I need to get a better sense of before I feel comfortable enough to share my routine/recommendations with you guys. Hopefully, I can get that up sometime around February/March. I’ll also talk about my favorite hair care products in a separate post.


Beauty Favorites 2016 Best of Beauty

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Nov 24 2016

Thankful for You: Kat Von D Beauty Giveaway


Who’s ready for the holiday season? I know I am definitely looking forward to great food and fun family festivities. Can’t get enough of pumpkin cheesecake and rum cakes at the moment. What are your must have indulgences? We’re also doing some travelling in December which I’m also very excited for. Do you guys have any upcoming plans? To celebrate the holidays on the blog, I’m ending the year with a Kat Von D Beauty giveaway. Recently, I reviewed the Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow palette (here) and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks Mini set (here) which were released for the holiday season. I’ve been enjoying them both so much that I thought one of you might do so as well!

Kat Von D Beauty Giveaway
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Nov 23 2016

Black Friday Beauty Deals (and Cyber Monday)


It’s that time again…when all of us shopaholics rejoice and consumerism reaches new heights: BLACK FRIDAY! With the biggest shopping day of the year right around the corner, I will admit that I’m not one to brave the madness of actually physically going out and shopping. No. I much prefer to take advantage of the plethora of online deals (which are just as good anyway). So I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favorite Black Friday beauty deals (and Cyber Monday deals) as well as others I’ve coming across over the past week. Happy Shopping (or not) everyone!

Black Friday Beauty Deals
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Nov 11 2016

Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches


Back with more from Kat Von D! While I enjoy almost every product I’ve tried from Kat’s beauty line, I’d never actually purchased one of her eye shadow palettes. When she released her Metal Crush eye shadows last year I was really tempted, especially after all of the stellar reviews. But I held back because I don’t typically purchase many eye shadow singles. When the Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette, therefore, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge…


Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review


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